One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


37. When he first sees you


Harry: Harry was out on the town for the night, partying it up in different clubs. He wasn't drinking though, since management had told him to drink less frequent, as it was sending the wrong message to the fans. He walked out of a club to get some air when he saw you, stepping out of a taxi. "Wow..." he thought to himself, instantly smitten. As you walked passed him he quickly pulled himself together before introducing himself to you. He worked his charm, and you two spend the rest of the night talking and dancing. Louis: Louis was out grocery shopping, not bothering to put on actual pants, so he wore his pajama pants. He was reaching out for a pack of yorkshire tea, as a you interrupted his train of thought. "Excuse me" you said politely "could you grab a pack for me as well?" Louis snapped back to reality and quickly grabbed two packs, one for each of you. "Here you go" he said, as he turned around to hand the pack of tea to you. That's when he fell for you, right away. You were wearing your hair in a messy bun, almost no makeup, and, like Louis, you were wearing pajama pants. "Thanks" you said and grabbed the pack of tea. "So, would you like to go to dinner with me?" Louis said bluntly. You laughed at his straight forwardness. "Yeah, why not?" you said and gave Louis your number. You turned to walk away, and turned back to do the "call me" sign. Louis laughed and nodded. Zayn: The music was blasting and people were yelling and screaming. Zayn was at a Chris Brown concert, singing and dancing along to the music. A girl, you, accidently bumped into him, while looking for your friends. "Oh, sorry" you said and smile apologetically. Zayn smiled at you and said: "Don't be. I wish beautiful girls like you would bump into me more often." You giggled and blushed a little. "You know what, it's actually getting kind of cramped in here. Do you want to come outside?" Zayn said. "Yeah, sure" you said, and you both walked out. By the end of the night the two of you had exchanged phone numbers and Zayn promised to call the next day, so he could take you out on a date. Liam: Liam was in Toys 'r' us, picking up some new nerf guns for himself and the other boys, when your little cousin literally ran into him, and fell on his butt. You came running after him, when you saw Liam kneeling next to him, helping him up. "I'm so sorry about that" you said and smiled at Liam. Liam looked at you and returned the smile. "No worries. Is he yours? You look way too young to be a mother" he said. You explained that it was just your cousin and you were watching him for the weekend. "Well, if you need any help looking after him, give me a call. I'm pretty good with kids" Liam said and handed you a piece of paper with his number on it. "I will" you said and smiled, while taking your cousin's hand and walking out of the store, looking back at Liam to see him smiling at you. Niall: Niall was at Nandos getting some dinner, since he didn't feel like making it himself. He got his food, and turned to find somewhere to sit. He noticed you sitting and eating your meal alone, and thought to himself "How can a beautiful girl like that be sitting by herself?". He walked up to you. "Is this seat taken?" he asked and made a gesture towards the seat opposite you. You looked up at him, thinking he looked kind of familiar. "No" you said. "Do I know you? You look really familiar." Niall put his food down on the table and pulled out the chair so he could sit. "I get that a lot" he said and smiled. You pushed it aside in your mind and started a real conversation. When you were both had finished eating, Niall led you out the door. "Since we have to go in opposite directions, how about you give me your number?" he said, and you gladly put your number in his phone, and then turned to walk away. After a few steps, you stopped and turned around to look at Niall. "You're Niall Horan, from that band.. One Way?" you said. He laughed and said: "One Direction" and then smiled and walked off.
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