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14. What Song You Dance To At Your Wedding & Why


Zayn: You two spent months trying to pick the perfect song for your wedding. Whatever song you wanted, Zayn didn't like. But whatever song Zayn wanted, you thought it was quite enjoyable. You two didn't know what to do! But, after you two had actually sat down and discussed it, you decided on the song 'Only You' by Cartel, because that was the song that described your and Zayn's relationship the entire time you were dating. Harry: He had picked out a wonderful selection of songs to choose from. It was a good thing the two of you had a similar taste in music, because otherwise this would have been a very difficult decision! The list had many great selections on it, such as 'Someday' by Nickleback and 'Broken' by Seether. But those two songs really weren't for weddings, so you decided not to use them. The song you did decide on was 'Dear God' by Avenged Sevenfold, simply because you both loved the song. Niall: "What song do you want, princess?" Niall asked you, as he sat beside you on your couch. You shrugged your shoulders, going through both of your lists as you crossed off songs that you wouldn't want. "What song would you want, babe?" you asked him. Niall just chuckled and shrugged. "How about that one?" he points to the perfect song. You smirk, as you read the title. 'Hero/Heroine' by Boys Like Girls was the song you danced to, because Niall was your hero, and you were his heroine. Louis: Of course, when Louis proposed to you, and you agreed, you both already had your wedding planned out. You knew the colors, theme, guests, you both knew everything you wanted to be there! One thing you hadn't decided on was the song you were going to dance to. "Lou, what song do you wanna dance to?" you ask him, playing with your hair as your husband-to-be sits beside you with his hand on your knee. He smirks, looking at you slowly. "How about we dance to a certain song, that I love?" he offers. You shrug, wanting him to get the song that he wanted. You both ended up dancing to 'Look After You' by The Fray, except you downloaded Louis' version and played that, because his voice was amazing and you wanted to have a bit of a Tomlinson twist at your wedding. Liam: You were getting excited for your upcoming wedding. It would be the day that you finally became Mrs. Liam Payne. The thought just made your heart flutter. But, the only thing you didn't have prepared for your wedding, was the song you would dance to! Liam had a nice playlist on his iPod, though. So, you figured you'd check it out and try and pick out a song for the two of you to dance to. You skimmed through his songs, finally coming across one that you liked. Once you showed Liam, he instantly agreed, saying that was actually one of his favorite songs. You danced to 'Crazy Girl' by the Eli Young Band, because that described Liam's feelings towards you, his loving wife.
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