One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


13. They find out you're a Victoria's secret model


Harry:You two were shopping at the mall one day and you had just gotten done at Claire’s, getting some head wrap and bracelets. Harry found an ‘I Love Harry Styles’ t-shirt and begged you to buy it, you eventually giving in. Now you two were just walking around, until Harry saw the Victoria’s Secret. His eyes lit up and he cheekily smiled at you. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the store. You became a little nervous because you haven’t told him yet that you were a Victoria’s Secret model. You lost him in the store but then found him staring at a picture. “Love… Is this you?” He asked with a grin. You blushed and nodded. He screamed and jumped up and down. He came over and hugged you, still jumping. “You are perfect. Literally perfect.” You laughed and saw him making a fool of himself in the store. For the rest of the day he told anyone he could that you were a Victoria’s Secret Model, even telling the homeless guy sitting on the corner of the street, after giving him a twenty dollar bill.

Liam:You guys were just sitting at home one day, lounging around when a Victoria’s Secret commercial came up. You didn’t react but before you knew it you were on the screen in their newest underwear, and Liam definitely noticed. “Love, are you a Victoria’s Secret model?” He asked. You blushed. “Umm… Yeahhh.” “Well if you’re at a photo shoot and some guy is getting creepy or a little too handsy, you better tell me.” You laughed. “Haha, I love you Liam.” You gave him a kiss and  continued watching TV with him.

Louis:It was yours and Louis’ day off from work so you two were cleaning the house. You were in the bathroom cleaning the tub when Louis leaned on the doorframe with a smirk on his face. “Hey boo-bear, guess what came in the mail?” He asked. You turned around, smiling. “This month’sCosmopolitanmagazine?” You asked excitedly. He rolled his eyes. “Girls and their magazines. Anyway, no. That’s not what came in the mail.” He waved something in front of your face. You took off your cleaning gloves and looked at it. It was addressed to you from Victoria’s Secret, and it was open. Inside was your paycheck. You slapped your forehead. “Did I mention that I was a Victoria’s Secret model?” You tried with a small smile. Louis laughed. “Love, I don’t care what kind of job you have! I actually LOVE that you’re a Victoria’s Secret model! But it doesn’t mean that you have a better bum than me.” He showed off his butt. You rolled your eyes. “Yes, Louis, I know.”

Niall: You had recently just gotten your monthly issue of Seventeen magazine but you weren’t home. Niall decided to see what magazines were all about, considering girls were so crazy about it. He flipped through a little bit and read the whole magazine, now knowing how to paint you nails perfectly, get rid of period pain, redo your room on a budget, and how to know if a guy likes you. What he found really interesting though is when he found an article about an interview with a Victoria’s Secret model who had the same name and looked exactly like you. When you walked through the door you went over and kissed him on the cheek. “Hey, Nialler. What were you doing all day?” He opened the magazine to the page with your interview and he smirked. “Wow, took you all day to read this?” You asked, laughing. “Nooooo! I read it earlier. So, Victoria’s Secret model, hmm?” he smirked. You rolled your eyes. “I love your job, babe.” he kissed you and you sat down next to him, smiling.

Zayn: You two were having a lazy in just laying in the bed, half asleep, talking to each other and watching TV. The TV was on MTV, and they were on E! News. You two were just laying there when E! announced who they would be next interviewing. “Tomorrow we have an interview with a Victoria’s Secret model, (Y/N) (Y/LN). Stay tuned to find out the life of a model!” Zayn perked his head up. “Okay, boo, it might just be that I’m half asleep, but did they just say you were a Victoria’s Secret Model?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. You blushed. “Umm.. yeah. They did.” You replied. “Is it true?” “Yep.” “That explains why you’re so fit. Just remember, you’re mine.” He hugged you tight and you giggled. “And you’re mine, Mr. Malik.”

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