One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


49. the first fight and how you make up afterwards


Liam : You and Liam, your boyfriend are watching old One Direction interviews. It is the one that Liam says he has a strange fear of spoons. ‘Hahahaha, Liam, that’s ridiculous! Fear of spoons?’, you ask while you are laughing. ‘That’s really not funny. Spoonaphobia exists!’, Liam says insulted. ‘Haha, I don’t believe it. So if I bring out a spoon, you’ll run away?’, was your reaction. ‘Sorry, I don’t let you insult me. If you don’t believe me… I’ll just go!’, Liam says. You are amazed by his reaction. Poor Liam, how could you be so stupid? ‘Liam! Don’t go!’, you yell. ‘What’s it?’, he asks. You never had seen Liam cry. ‘I’m sorry!! Don’t cry, okay?’, you yell and run to Liam to dry the tears. ‘Please? I was horrible to make fun of your fear…’, you say ashamed. ‘Okay, but never do it again?’, Liam asks quiet. ‘Never again!’, you say and then you give him a long, warm kiss.

Niall : ‘Yuk, this food is horrible!’, Niall yells like a baby when you are at home. ‘Excuse me? I spend a lot of time coocking this while you just were watching tv?’, you ask. ‘Well, but I don’t like it,’ Niall says effusive. To be honest, your food wasn’t the best in the world, but you didn’t want your boyfriend to insult you. ‘You can cook yourself the next time!’, you yell at him. You run away to your room, and you hear Niall yell : ‘Good!’ 5 minutes later Niall comes to your room. ‘Sweetie?’, he sighs. You are too angry to answer. ‘I’m sorry. I’m a big fat idiot,’ Niall says serious. ‘No you aren’t!’, you say angry. ‘I am. I insulted a girl who worked so hard just to let me be happy,’ Niall says. ‘A girl that means so much to me.’ Niall means it. ‘It’s okay. I’ll buy a cook book,’ you say with a smile. Niall laughs and gives you a passionate kiss.

Zayn : ‘What did you do with my mirror?!’, Zayn asked with a loud voice. ‘Oh my god, Zayn… I’m sorry, I broke it by accident!’, you say. ‘You know how much it means to me… My mirror!’, Zayn yells while picking up the little pieces of glass. ‘You vain creature,’ you say angry. ‘What? This mirror just means mutch to me, okay?’, Zayn says. ‘Again, you vain person,’ you say and go away. After a while you hear that Zayn was ready with cleaning up the splinters. You decide to go after him. ‘Zayn, I’m sorry…’, you say ashamed. ‘Lovely, I have to be ashamed. That stupid mirror gave us our first stupid fight…’, Zayn says. ‘Yeah, I know… But I’m happy with your personality,’ you confess. ‘So you forgive me?’, he asks. ‘Yeah. I love my sweet, vain Zayn,’ you say softly and give him a kiss on his warm lips.

Louis : ‘Why did the fungi go to the party?’ Louis says trying to cheer you up. ‘Because he was a fun guy!’ You really had a bad mood, because you almost didn’t sleep and you really hate that. ‘Ha ha, I’m dying of laughter…’, you say bored. ‘Well miss unhappy, I’m just trying to cheer you up…’, Louis says insulted. ‘Well, your bad jokes doesn’t help!’, you shout loudly. ‘Now you’re going to far…’, he says and he leaves the room. After a while you realise that Louis did nothing wrong. So you go to him. He sits at your table with a very angry face and his arms crossed. ‘Louis, I’m sorry… It was very kind of you that you tried to cheer me up. I’m just angry because I almost didn’t sleep tonight…’, you confess. Louis looks in your eyes and sees that you really mean it. ‘I’m sorry too, princess… I never wanted to hurt you! Why don’t you get some sleep? I’ll sing a song for you…’, Louis says sweet and lovely.

Harry : You are waiting for your boyfriend Harry to get back from the pub with his friends. It’s already midnight and you are really worried, because he promised to get back an hour ago… So you decide to call him, but he doesn’t reply. Maybe something bad happened to him? After another hour of waiting, Harry finally came home. ‘Harry, you’re not in time!’, you yell angry. ‘I thought something bad happened to you…’ ‘So what? It’s only 1 a.m?’, Harry asks, rolling with his eyes. Yeah, that boy was drunk. ‘You could have informed me?’, you ask. ‘Oh my god, you’re like my mom! Boooring,’ Harry says like he was a 10 year old. Yep, he was drunk : his mom was very precious to him. Loudly, you close the door and go to your room. The next morning Harry’s early in your room. ‘Princess, I’m sorry for last night… What has come over me to call you boring? You really are the most un-boring person on the earth!’, Harry says with his normal flirty voice. ‘Is it? You were drunk, Harry,’ you say. ‘Indeed… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry,’ Harry says serious. ‘Okay, they’re accepted. The next time I come with you,’ you smile. ‘Agreed!’, Harry laughs.

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