One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


46. Surprise Party For Niall

“Where are we going?” Niall said while your hands covered his eyes and you were walking with him. “I can’t tell you!” you giggled. “(Y/N), I swear if you are throwing me a party-,” Niall mumbled. It was his birthday and you didn’t like the fact he was away from his home. “Shush,” you stopped and lifted your hands off his eyes, “look.” He opened his eyes and his mouth dropped. You brought him to a garden with a tent that was covered in fairy lights. His eyes wondered to the table in front of him. It was filled with every kind of food that you could get your hands on. “Surprise!” You stood in front of him and smiled. “(Y/N)!” Niall hugged you tightly, “this is absolutely wonderful! And it’s just me and you!” “Erm…” you blushed. “SURPRISE!” everyone jumped out and shouted. Niall smiled widely, “Even better!” “You mean you’re not mad?” you asked him. “I could never be mad at you!” he kissed you on the cheek, which made you go extremely red. “Watch it,” Liam and Harry said in unison.

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