One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


3. Short Niall




You and Niall were at your favorite place = Nandos. You went there every Friday night to pig out on all of the amazing food that you could never get enough of. Afterwards, you headed out of the restaurant, still shoving a few fries in your mouth as you walked. Then the paparazzi swarmed the two of you, which wasn't unusual. But this crowd was slightly larger than usual, and they seemed to be even more pushy. As you and Niall tried to make your way through them, one of them even had the nerve to shout,

- Don't you think you've had enough fries for tonight, Y/N? Wow, with all of that food, I'd expect you to be putting on some weight. How does Niall feel about this? This stopped Niall dead in his tracks. He turned to face the outrageously rude man and grabbed him by his collar.

- Listen up. Y/N is perfect just the way she is, and I don't want you making her think she needs to change, because she doesn't. Now if I ever hear you make another comment about how much she eats, I'll make sure that nice camera of yours is shoved down your throat, Niall said, giving him a cold and serious stare. Even then, the man just laughed and grabbed your arm, shaking it violently.

- Not much of a girlfriend, though, is she? he asked, smirking. The next thing you knew, the man was on the ground, his nose bleeding and his camera a few feet away, shattered into pieces, Thanks to Niall.


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