One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


34. Putting your child to bed


Harry: ‘No!’ Cried 3 year old Darcy, ‘I don’t want to go to bed!’

You sighed, ‘It’s past your bedtime, sweety. You’ve been up for an extra 2 hours already!’

‘I don’t care!’ She screamed, ‘I can stay up the whole night if I want to!’

Not knowing what to resort to, you call Harry in the room.

‘What’s the problem, babe?’ He asks.

‘She won’t go to sleep, I’ve tried everything, Haz.’

He ponders for a bit, ‘How bout this?’ He asks.

He walks up to her and sets her down in her bed. Slowly and softly, he starts singing ‘Isn’t she lovely’ into her ear until she dozes off.

You smile, ‘How did you become such a better parent than me?’

Harry only laughs and kisses your forehead.


Niall: ‘It’s time for bed, Jason.’ You tell your 5 year old son. He is currently playing who-knows-what game with your husband.

‘Aw, can I have a bedtime snack first?’ He asks.

You’re about to protest when Niall interrupts you.

‘Can I have a snack too?’ He asks playfully.

You simply sigh and walk to the kitchen, grabbing a box of crackers. Jason was never gonna quick asking for a snack with Niall around.

After you bring the two of them food, You bring Jason to his room while Niall makes up a bed time story from him.


Zayn: You’re watching television with your 5 year old daughter Krista and your husband Zayn when you notice the time.

‘Krista, it’s past your bed time, let’s go upstairs.’

‘But mommy!’ She pleads.

‘No Krista, you’ve stayed up late enough.’

‘Daddy?’ She asks Zayn with big puppy-dog eyes.

‘Well, umm,’ Zayn starts to say, but you cut in, knowing that he couldn’t resist her.

‘Nope, let’s bring you up right now, right Zayn?’ You eye him.

‘Oh, right. Bedtime, sweety.’ He tells Krista.

‘Fiiine….’ She mumbles and goes up to her room. You both tuck her in before she goes to bed, making sure no ‘monsters’ will get her.


Liam: ‘Tim!’ You call out from the top of the stairs, ‘It’s time for bed!’

‘Okay!’ He yells back, running up immediately. You laugh. We was such Liam’s kid.

You and Liam read him a story before going to bed, making up different voices for each character. He falls asleep, but not before thanking the two of you for a great day. He’s so polite!


Louis: You laugh as you walk to the play room. There Ariana and Louis was. Ari was dressing up Louis like a princess, and serving him ‘tea’.

‘Okay, Ari, it’s time for bed now.’ You tell her.

‘Can’t I stay up for a little longer?’

‘Yeah, can’t we?’ Louis cuts in.

You laugh, ‘Okay, only if you’re willing to put her to bed later,’ You tell Louis.

‘Okay!’ He smiles and continues playing with her.

You go downstairs to the playroom the next morning and fine the two of them curled up on the floor sleeping.

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