One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


43. Pregnancy: How he found out


Niall: You sat on the couch as you ate ice cream Niall was in the bathroom you felt the door opening and steps through the hallway you didn’t looked Niall was obviously going to the kitch…”(Y|N), how long?” he asked you took another spoon of ice cream. “How long what?” you asked looking over your shoulder you looked what he was holding in his hand…”Oh, that.” He walked to you and wrapped his arms around you as you began crying “this morning” you murmured on his chest he kissed your cheek “it’s going to be okay” he said smiling and then began jumping around saying he was going to be daddy.

Zayn: You sat on the chair beside Zayn as the doctor examined the papers he looked up at you and you shook your head, you knew it already but Zayn had to be on tour in a week and you didn’t wanted to stop him, Zayn looked from the doctor then at you. “What? Is there something wrong?” He asked worried. “Uhm…well, what this says is that…” the doctor stopped when he saw you glaring him…”What?” He asked squeezing your hand you squeezed back the door opened…”Doctor here is the ultrasound of Ms. (Y|L|N)…” she looked up and saw me and then saw Zayn…”Oh” “(Y|N), can you please explain me what this people is talking about?” Zayn asked you looked at him…”Well, uh…so, last week I came here and Doc…yes, the doctor here that the faint and the…” your eyes began to get watery “I’m pregnant Zayn we are having a baby” You said he hugged you in a state of happy shock he was in shock but with a smile on his face…

Harry: “(Y|N)? Your friend called while you were out” You put your bags down and the keys on the table and immediately walked to the kitchen to do something because you and your baby were hungry you didn’t have a bump thank God and Harry haven’t notice good from a side but the other side was the biggest and it was the bad side you took orange juice and looked as Harry walked into the kitchen.”She did?” you asked putting the glass down taking chocolates and bag of marshmallows. “yes, she said something like how is the baby doing? What was she talking about?”He asked…you were absolutely going to kill her you took a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate stabbing the marshmallow with the chocolate. “How would you feel if I say you are going to be a daddy?” you asked nicely smiling his face lit up and he hugged you kissing you every inch of you he could reach murmuring “thanks you” over and over again.

Liam: You took your purse and looked for your keys I had to see the doctor like right now! He did told me I was pregnant he didn’t told me it would make me hate food. “Babe, don’t look at me with that look you give when I ask something stupid with the next question…” you gave up with the purse and began pulling your hair up in a ponytail “Ask away Liam” You said looking under the pillows. “when was your last period?” you froze. “Did you just asked me about my period?” that was unexpected…”yes.” he answered.”why are you asking me about my period?” you asked. “well…I kind of overheard the conversation that you had with your cousin…” you gulped. “all of it?” you looked at him. “No part of it but tell me what are you hiding from me (Y|N)” You scratched your head a little bit…”Liam, I’m pregnant” you murmured in a low weak voice. “oh” he said. “oh?” you asked okay hormones were about to kick in. “Babe we are having a family” he screamed and hugged you lifting you from the floor and kissing you. Well, that was kind of more unexpected.

Louis: “Babe, don’t get me wrong but you are fat” Louis said from the bed as you were getting dressed and that made you froze.”Really?” you asked the trauma he just caused you and your baby or babies the doctor wasn’t sure yet. “Babe, your like fucking huge” you explode sitting on the ground. “It is not my fault that we are having two babies!!!” you screamed and began crying his eyes widened as he ran to you and pulled you up “Babe, what are you talking about?” he asked catiously. “We are having twins Lou, I’m pregnant” you said he hugged you tightly and kissed you.

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