One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


54. Lazy Day! What do you two do?


Niall Horan - You two decide to bake! You run to the store to pick up some ingredients. Then, you two spend the day baking cookies, brownies, cakes, and cupcakes! Well, you bake while Niall steals some icing or random ingredients. Niall grabs his guitar and sits on the kitchen counter and play love songs. Soon, you get into a food fight. (Started by Niall, of course <3 ) and you two have to take a shower.. Niall insist it should be together to save water. ;)

Harry Styles - You two lay on your comfy bed and talk endlessly, stealing sweet kisses. He sings funny songs, and you dare him to make up a rap about you. He can’t rap that well, and isn’t so good at on-the-spot freestyle. You laugh so hard, you start crying. He joins in with the laughing and you two end up staring into each other eyes. In silence, it seemed as though you were still continuing the conversation through looks. “I love you,” he mouthed. In response, you pulled him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. Soon, things got heated up and it was a VERY long day. ;)

Louis Tomlinson - You two, being partners in crime, decided to have a fun day. You went to the convenience stores, and bought just about anything. You bought sidewalk chalk, shoes, sunglasses, a basketball, candy, movies, a few CD’s, and water balloons. Since it was a warm day, you spent the day having a water balloon fight. Then you spent the chilly night under blankets and watched a few comedies. You fell asleep in Lou’s arms and you both couldn’t be happier.  

Zayn Malik - You woke up to the sound of someone opening the garage door. You threw your arm to the other side of the bed where Zayn, your boyfriend, usually sleeps. He wasn’t there, so you decided to go downstairs, thinking that he was the one making all of the noise. Sure enough, he was. You walked outside and called his name out. Coming around the corner of the house, you saw Zayn shirtless with his arms open. You looked down on the ground and saw he was standing on a white sheet of paper that was huge. Your eyes then saw a blue bucket filled with paint bottles. You smiled and looked at Zayn, know what he had planned for the day. Let’s just say, you both were extra colorful at the end of the day. :)

Liam Payne - Liam and you spent the whole day snacking on good food, playing Monopoly, Twister, Life, and random card games. You won most of the time but when he won, you had to kiss him 10 times. When he won the last game you were playing, you refused to kiss him. He then said that because you were refusing to do the “punishment,” you had to face a worse one. The worse one wasn’t bad at all, it was to watch his favorite movie; Toy Story.

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