One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


16. How you two have your first kiss


Liam: You two have been dating for about a week now, and Liam being the gentleman he is, hasn't tried to kiss you. He's kissed your forehead, cheek, hand- but not your lips. You were getting curious abut why he hasn't yet. You two were walking around the park at night time. It was around Christmas time and it was illuminated with pretty lights. His arm was wrapped around your shoulders and you two were close together and bundled up in warm clothes. It started snowing and you looked up, trying to catch a snow flake on your tongue. You felt something cold fall on your lip and you frowned. Liam gently grabbed you chin and made you look at him. He looked at you, his light brown eyes glowing because of the Christmas lights. He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours. You closed your eyes and you kissed for a few seconds, before he pulled back and leaned his forehead against yours. "Better?" Louis: Louis has dragged you to the zoo for your second date. He brought you to see all of his favorite animals. While you were walking down a little slope, Louis tripped. "Oh, Lou! Are you okay?" You asked, rushing to his side and kneeling beside where he was on the ground. He brushed of his hands on his jeans, "I think so, my hand just hurts." You grabbed his right hand and brought it to your lips and kissed it softly. You gave him a shy grin, "Better?" He shook his head, "I-I think my lips hurt." You nervously leaned in and pressed your lips against his. He kissed back and the backed up and grave you his charming-tommo grin. "Feeling way better now, babe! C'mon, lets go see those penguins now!" He said, grabbing your hand and helping you up before you two ran off hand and hand toward the penguins. Niall: It was your best friend's birthday and you asked Niall to help you make some cupcakes for her. Knowing Niall, you knew he was bound to eat a few, so you made three dozen, chocolate vanilla cupcakes. He had to use the bathroom, and he left you to go down the hall to use it. You quickly ate a vanilla cupcake with choclate frosting, before turning back to put icing on the dozen that were fresh out of the oven. "One more dozen in the oven, then were done." You said when Niall came back. He gave you a grin and you asked, "What?" "You have a little-" He said, not bothering to finish his sentence as he leaned in to kiss your lips. He pulled back and gave you a cheeky grin, "Delicious cupcakes, babe! Let's finish working first before you eat another, okay?" Harry: You two were hanging around the tour bus, sitting down. You two were cuddled up on the coach, whispering sweet things in each other's ears. You two have been dating for a few days, and suprisingly Harry hasn't tried to kiss you yet. Liam said it was almost time for show and you both groaned. Harry was going to go back stage, while you went into the areana to take your spot in the front row. He gave you a hug and whispered, "I'll see you after the show." You nodded and pulled back. "Oh, c'mon lad, just kiss her and let's go!" Louis yelled, before ducking his head out of the bus and running into the areana. You both blushed before harry leaned in to plant a sweet kiss on your lips before running after Louis. Zayn: You two were shopping at the mall, going around and trying on different things. You went into Mac and bought a new cotton candy flavored pink lip gloss. As you walked outside Zayn told you to put it on. You gave him a strange look, but reached into the bag and un wrapped it. You put it on and smacked your lips together. Before you knew what was happening, Zayn's arm was around your waist and pulling you toward him and planting a passionate kiss on your lips. He backed up and winked, "Taste good, and looks good." You laughed and pointed to his lips that had your gloss on it, "Yeah, but I can guarantee you look way better in it than I do."
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