One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


18. How he turns you on


Liam: When he has straight hair. “I think I’m going to go back to the straight hair.” He says. You look up and stare and he says, “What do you think?” You barely manage to give him a thumbs up and he smiles, “I’m guessing you love it.”

Zayn: He wears his nerd glasses. You smile at him in them and he grins and says in a dorky voice. “Ello miss I’m Z..zayyn I was wondering if you’d like to go to my labratory with me its in my bed room on my bed you have to make a lot of movement to enter though.” He grins

Harry: When he wears his beanies. Harry walks out in his beanie and you grin. “See you babe.” He says swooping in to kiss you. You press a hand to the back of his neck to kiss him deeper. He places a large hand on your leg. He licks your bottom lip and you part your lips and he pushes his tongue in. You moan lightly into the kiss and he pulls away and say, “I have to go but save some of that for tonight.”

Louis: When he wears hoodies. Its a lazy day so Louis comes out in just a hoodie and pyjamas pants. He sits down next to you on the couch and grin as you look him over. You crawl into his lap and kiss his neck tenderly.

Niall: When he wears his red polo. He comes off stage while your back stage wearing his polo. “How’d I do babe?” He asks. “Great!” You kiss him softly and he kisses you back and you kiss him behind his ear and whisper.

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