One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


9. How He Sleeps Next To You When You've Fallen Asleep First


Zayn: If you're asleep before Zayn, he doesn't like to disturb your sleep. He'll stay up for a little bit longer, watching television, listening to music, sometimes he even gets on the computer or has a night smoke before he lays down. He'll lay on his back, sneaking an arm under you to pull you closer to him, and one hand behind his head so he could get comfortable. Your sleeping form would turn and snuggle up to his side, and Zayn would now kiss your head, as he closes his eyes and falls asleep his own self. Harry: When you fell asleep before Harry, that's when he could tell you were tired! Normally he would fall asleep before you, but whenever you fell asleep first, he would lay behind you, and spoon you. He'd wrap an arm around your waist, while he lays his head in the crook of your neck, as your light yet heavy breathing lulls him to sleep. He'd never fallen asleep with a smile on his face bigger than the one he had with you. Niall: By the time Niall got home from work during the week, you would already be fast asleep, cuddled in your blankets. He would chuckle, as he gently climbs into bed, making sure not to wake you up. He'll lay facing you, wrapping his arms around your waist as he places his forehead against yours, the gentle sound of your light snoring lulls him to sleep. He'd never been happier to sleep next to such a light sleeper in his life. Louis: You two would cuddle at night before you went to sleep, and normally you would fall asleep before him. He would turn you over on your back, because he knew that's how you were the most comfortable, as he would turn on his own back, lacing your fingers together as he would plug his iPod in, listening to a recording he had of you singing to put him to sleep himself. He was so happy. Liam: Normally, after you fell asleep, Liam would roll over to face you as you slept. He would intwine your legs, as he would wrap an arm around your waist, laying his head down on his pillow as he watched you sleep for a bit, before the sounds of your mumbles put him to sleep. He'd never been happier to be sleeping next to a snoring girl in his life!
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