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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


32. He's jealous of your friendship with one of the other boys


Louis: "Ahhh! Almost." You giggled as Liam tried to slap your hands. You and Liam had gotten very close lately, and right now you were in the middle of a game of red hands. Liam chuckled and tried again. You laughed as he missed again. "This is so not funny! Its hard!" Liam said, laughing. You giggled a bit more and you continued your game. All of your laughing drew Louis into the room. "Um, what are you doing?" He asked awkwardly, walking over and pulling you into his chest. "Just playing red hands." You said, shrugging. "Oh, well its getting pretty late don't you think?" He said harshly, glaring at Liam. Liam blushed and nodded taking the hint and leaving. "What is wrong with you?" You asked, stepping away from Louis and crossing your arms. Louis sighed and looked down guiltily. "Its just... Im the only one who makes you laugh like that.." he said, blushing a bit. You grinned and kissed him softly. "Liam and I are just friends." You promised, smiling as he nodded and kissed you again. Harry: You, Louis, and Harry spent so much time together, that over time Louis became your best friend. Harry and you were supposed to go to an Ed Sheeran concert tonight, but when he got home he told you he couldn't because a lot of fans were asking him to do a twitcam since he hadn't done one in awhile. You shrugged and nodded understandingly. You decided to call Lou since he was a big fan of Ed. You got out your phone and called him. "Hey! Harry cant make it tonight, do you want to go see Ed Sheeran with me?" You asked him. "Yeah that would be great!" He said happily. You hung up and went back to your room. So who's going with you? Danielle?" Harry asked, not knowing who you had called. "No, Lou is coming with me." You said, beginning to get ready. Harry immediately shot up. "Um no he's not! Dark room, romantic music? Not happening, the fans can wait I'm coming with you." Harry said authoratively. You rolled your eyes and laughed at your jealous boyfriend. Liam: You and Zayn were hanging out one night and he asked you to help him do a twitcam, since he could never get it to work. You agreed and soon you were broadcasting to 80,000 fans. "Hi guys!" You said cheerfully, Zayn greeting them as well. You and Zayn just talked to them a bit and you began to read some comments on the side. "Where's Liam? He's over in our room, sleeping for a bit." You said, answering one of the questions. You and Zayn talked for a few more hours before you went back to your room to go to bed. The next morning Liam was scrolling through twitter and frowned. "um, (y /n), why is (you and Zayns ship name) trending?" He asked, confused. "Oh we did a twitcan last night... you know how some directioners are." You said sleepily. Liam just kept frowning. "Well then we'll just have to show then what a good couple we are!" He decided finally, starting up another twitcam with the two of you in it. At the end he was happy to sthe correct ship name trending. Niall: You smiled happily as you walked into you and Niall's shared flat. "Hey baby, I'm home!" You said going to give him a hug. "Hey princess! Um, what are you wearing?" He said looking at the Jack Wills sweatshirt you were wearing. "Oh this. It was freezing outside so Harry lent me his sweatshirt." You said, shrugging. Niall frowned. "Oh.. well you know if I had been there I would have given you mine..." Niall said jealously. You rolled your eyes and smiled, kissing him softly. "Yeah, I know baby." You said reassuringly. Zayn: You and Niall had been friends since childhood, and he was actually the one to introduce you to Zayn. Right now you and Niall were laying on the bed just watching a movie. You were laughing at a funny part when Zayn came in. "What the hell?" He said angrily, gesturing at the two of you. You looked at him, confused. "...what?" You said, completely baffled. Zayn just rolled his eyes and stomped away. You looked at Niall and finally understood. "Zayn! Wait!" You yelled running after him. He sighed and turned to look at you with his arms crossed. "Zayn calm down we were just watching a movie! You know Ni and I are just friends!" You said exasparatedly. Zayn groaned and sat on the couch. "Yeah I know... but that's just it (Y /N)! You call him Ni! You've known him longer and sometimes I just worry that you like him more.." Zayn said mumbling the last past. You smiled softly and lifted his chin up. "I. love. you. Only you Zayn Malik." You said, looking him straight in the eyes. Zayn smiled and kissed you, all his worries gone.
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