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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


67. He walks in on you trying to kill yourself


Zayn: You’re at home alone, Zayn is at work. You’re reading all your mentions on twitter, fans are saying Zayn is cheating on you with his ex. Now everything makes sense – he always told you he has to work longer, or he went clubbing at weekends, because he knew you don’t like clubbing that much and you always stayed at home. Tears fill your eyes as you remember about your past – you’ve been bullied, your parents were alcoholics and you had nothing, until Zayn came and showed you how beautiful life can be when there’s only one person that believes in you. He promised you that he’ll never hurt you, and now he does. You cutted yourself before you and Zayn met, he told you to stop and you did. Now you have those demons on your mind again. You think living is worth nothing without Zayn. You think about hurting yourself again, so you run to the kitchen, see a knife and start cutting again. You can’t hear that someone came home becuse of your cries. Suddenly you hear someone screaming your name. „(Y/N), what are you doing?“, Zayn shouts, taking the knife away, looking at you dissapointed. You say nothing, jt crying harder. „Babe, why are you doing this? I thought you stopped?“, he says, sitting down next to you, pulling you into his strong arms. Some tears stream down his face. „I did, but.. then I saw all this rumours about you and her.“, you reply. He looks at you confused. „I don’t know what you mean, (Y/N).“, he says. „Everyone says you’re cheating on me with Perrie..“, you mumble, crying harder and harder. He hugs you tightly. „No, I don’t! You’re the one for me, the one I love! I want to make you my wife someday, want my children to call you their mum. I love you (Y/N), and only you! Don’t believe them, they’re only trying to tear us apart, but we have to show them our love is bigger than anything else in this world, okay? I love you, (Y/N), don’t ever do this again.“, he tells you, kissing your forehead. Louis: You’re depressive, because you’re best friend died in a car accident. You just came home from the funeral, crying your heart out. Louis tries to calm you down, but nothing really helps. „Okay, (Y/N), I’ll buy some chocolate. Hope you’ll calm down a little, then“, he says, leaving the house. You look at the window, looking into the sky, thinking that you just want to be with your best friend again, hugging again, laughing together. You open the window and look down. You realize that everyone who would jump out of this window, would immediately die. Then you look into the sky. „I do it for you“, you whisper to yourself, climb onto the window sill, mumbling some last words. Then you feel two arms wrapped around you, pulling you into them. „(Y/N), I know it’s hard for you to let go, but don’t ever do this okay? We need you and (YourFriendsName) wouldn’t want you to do this! (Y/N), please, don’t even think about this!“, Louis says, looking you into the eyes. „I love you, Lou“, you say, hugging him. „I love you too, (Y/N), so much“, he replys. Niall: You always got hate from One Direction-fans because you’re dating Niall, but you always thought that they’re only jealous and will stop someday. But lately the hate got harder and harder and it really starts hurting you. You’re on twitter again, reading messages like „You’re a bitch. Niall deserves so much better“ „Niall should be dating me, not you, whore“ „HAHAHA you’re so ugly why does Niall even want to see you?“ and the tears start streaming down your face. Niall didn’t have time for you lately, your friends tried to tell you not to listen to the haters, but you think the haters are right, you hate yourself. Then you remember the pills you took when you couldn’t fall asleep. You find them, thinking about Niall. „What would he think if I’d do this now? Would he get over me or would he cry? Woul the haters be happy then?“ All this questions are in your head. You just take many pills into your hand, want to swallow them, when someone suddenly take them off of your hand. „(Y/N), are you crazy? What do you think you do?“, Niall asks you. „Killing myself, what else?“, you reply. „And why? Because of haters? Love, I told you not to listen to them. If they hurt you so much, I’ll leave the band. I’ll just leave the band if you want me to“, he tells you. You immediately shake your head. „No, Niall, don’t do this! I only want you to be happy“, you say. „And I can only be happy with you, (Y/N), and I’m going to show the whole world that you are the love of my life and we don’t hater what the haters say. But don’t ever think about doing something like this again, ok? I need you, babe“, he says, holding your hand tightly. Harry: You’ve always been in a depression, you always tried to kill yourself, but failed. Your boyfriend, Harry, didn’t know about your plans to kill yourself. You’re trying to kill yourself again. Harry wouldn’t come home until tomorrow, so you think today will be the day you end your life. You’re taking a bath, in clothes. Then you stop filling the bath, diving, not wanting to come up again, but then the door abruptly opens. „(Y/N)? Fuck what are you doing?“, you hear Harrys voice screaming, he is pulling you up. You only look at him, not knowing what to do or say. „Why? (Y/N), just tell me, why?“, he asks, starts to cry. „You know I‘ depressive, Harry..“, you try to explain. „And you know I told you we’ll get trough it together!“, he says, pulling you onto his lap. „We’ll get through it together“, he repeats, hugging you. Liam: You’ve been addicted to drugs for years now. Liam begged you to stop since your first meeting, you told him you stopped, but you didn’t. Since you’re living together, it was really hard for you to hide the drugs from him and you tried to stop. But everytime when you thought about your cousin, who died because of drugs, you become so sad again, you just have to start again. That’s why you just took them again. You think about your cousin, and you really want to see him, so you think dying is the only thing. When you’re about to take them again, you hear Liam shouting: „Babe, I’m at home!“ through the house. You try to hide them, but he enters the room. „What is this?“, he asks, taking the packet. „Is this what I think it is?“, he asks concerned. You look at the ground. „Babe, sit down please“, he says, pointing at the bed, so you two sit down. „I know why you’re doing this, and I respect you for everything you had to go through, but look – this things will kill you! And here are so many people who need you: Your friends, your family, the boys, me. If something will ever happen to you, I’ll do something with myself, seriously. You mean the world to me and knowing you do this, trying to kill yourself, it kills me. Please stop, (Y/N), okay? Come on“, he tells you, as you start crying and he pulls you into a big hug to calm you down.
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