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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


55. he walk in when your mum/dad is hitting you


Harry: “Ok, see you in 10 minutes then,” you said. “Yup,” said Harry and hang up. You walk downstairs and saw your mom on the kitchen. “Where are you going?” she said. She come closer. “Just out with Harry,” you said. She came closer and you smelled the alcohol from her breath. You looked down since you couldn’t look her in the eyes. “So you just gonna go?! LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!” she yelled. Tears fell down your cheeks, you were so scared for her. “Oh, start to cry. Just go, just go with every guy you see, YOU ARE JUST A BITCH!” yelled your mom and slapped your face twice. Harry came in when she did it. “What the…?” asked Harry. He took you out in the car and drove to his flat. He carried you to the room and laid you in the bed. He laid down with you and took his arm around you. All you could to was cry. “Shh, shh. She can’t hurt you anymore. Not when I’m here. I promise,” 

Louis: “Yeah, bye!” you said and closed the door on the car. You walked in too your house after a wonderful date with Louis. “Where have you been? The clock is over midnight,” your dad said. You turned around and saw you father lay on the couch, he was drunk… again. “I’m sorry dad, we forgot the time,” you said quiet. Your dad got up and came over too you. “And why should I believe that, huh? You had sex with him, right?! SLUT!” he yelled and slapped you across the face. “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t hit her! Aren’t you her dad? You not supposed to hit her,” Louis said angry. “Lou,” you whisper when he had carried you to the car. “Shh, (Y/N). You never need to go back there again. Ever,” he said. “Promise?” you asked. “I promise,” he said and kissed you.

Liam: Liam was at your house. He lay in the bed and you were doing homework. “(Y/N)??!” someone shouted drunkenly. “Oh, no,” you said. “What is it?” Liam asked. “Ehm, my mom she..” you started but got interrupted by your mom opens the door. She had a whiskybottle in her hand. “Why isn’t the house clean?” she asked angry. “I was s-studying,” you said scared. “Come here,” she said calm. You walked over to her. “This house gonna be clean when I come back! Understood,” she said rude. You nodded. “I didn’t hear?” she said and pushed you into the wall. You felt a pain, but was used to it. “You just a bitch,” she said and walked out. Liam rushed over to you. “What was that?” he asked worried. You told him that your mother hit you. He was mad, you could see it. But he didn’t want to show it that much. He took you to his home. “My mom gonna kill me if the house isn’t clean,” you said. “No, not when your here,” Liam said kissing you.

Niall: Your mom was mad at you. You didn’t know why, but she was always mad. She was hitting you so much. You bleed and had a big pain in your arm. She kicked you one more time, and then you hear; “What the fuck?” it was Niall. He rushed over to you. “Niall,” you whisper. You didn’t want him to see you like this. You mom kicked you last time and walked out from the house. You cried in pain. “Shh, shh. Try to calm down, ok princess,” he said. “How can I do that when she can come back soon?” you cried. Niall carried you home to him. “I promise you (Y/N),” started Niall while he cleaned some of your cuts. “I never, ever gonna let that woman hurt you again,” he said and kissed you soft on the lips.

Zayn: You screamed. Your dad had hit you and you were now on the floor in pain. “Stop it, it didn’t hurt so much” your dad screamed at you. He kicked you over and over again. You cried and cried. Could this stop now? Suddenly your dad was pushed away from you. You looked up. “Z-zayn,” you whispered. “It hurts,” you said weak. “I know babe,” he said. He picked you up. “Does this hurt?” he asked and start walking. “No,” you whisper. You still cried. His house was under renovation, so he walked to Liam’s place. “What happend,” Liam asked worried. “Her dad hit her,” he said. He took you to Liam’s guestroom, and stayed with you there. “Are it still hurting?” he asked. “A little, but better when your here,” you said and hugged him. “I promise, you never need to see him ever again,” he said. You smiled, you had the best boyfriend in the world.

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