One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


50. He turns you on, then leaves


Harry: You guys were having an amazing time watching the movie ” Friends With Benefits” right before the sex scene , he turns it off and says ” I think we can reenact this ourselves .” He grabs you and sets you on the counter and starts kissing you intensely . You kiss him back . He starts rubbing your upper thigh. You moan. He has found your sweet spot . You start taking your hands closer to his crotch , and he grabs your hands and says, ” your going to have to save it for the bedroom tonight baby. I have an interview .” He smirks and leaves you with a passionate kiss.

 Niall: You both were having the best night ever cooking with each other . He grabbed your waist from behind and whispered in your ear. ” let’s have some fun . ” He took a spatula and smacked your ass rough with it. You grabbed his crotch and smirked . He lifted you up on the kitchen counter and planted kisses down your whole body. Your started to unzip his pants when his phone rings. ” Wow, way to ruin the moment.” he says . “It’s Liam , I have to go to rehearsal .” he says and starts to rush out . You grab him and kiss him passionately . He whispers dirty things in your ear then leaves .

 Liam : You came home to find Liam On the couch watching Toy Story. ” Hey babe, I missed you.” he says. You run over him and sit in his lap facing him. He starts planting kisses on you down your whole body. You feel a glowing sensation every time he kisses you. It turns into a heated makeout. He gets on top of you and runs his hand down your spine . You moan. You start to take off your shirt when the doorbell rings . He has to leave to go to a photoshoot. He kisses you all the way down your neck and then whispers, ” your all mine tonight. ” he gives you a smirk then closes the door .

Louis: You had just finished grocery shopping, and came home. You look for Louis everywhere but he is nowhere to be found . “Lou??” you say curiously. Out of nowhere he comes from behind you and hugs your waist. He is so close you can feel his Warmth. He plants gentle kisses down your neck and you have a heated makeout session. He sticks his hand down your pants and you moan in delight . ” Oh Louis.” you say as your hands make their way down to take his pants off. His alarm goes off. “Shit, I have to go meet Harry at the studio. ” you give a look of disappointment . “Don’t worry, you will get a load of my carrot tonight .” He says as he grabs your ass, then leaves .

Zayn: You were working all day and came home to no sign of Zayn. You undressed to get in the shower to find him walk in the room. ” hey baby. ” he says as he comes right up to your naked body and gets on top of you kissing you from head to toe. You moan like crazy . He grabs your ass hard and you Guys makeout very rough. He starts undressing himself when the doorbell rings . ” Shit. It’s my mom!” you both get dressed and before he answers the door, he whispers in your ear ” We are going to have some fun tonight . ” You smirk at him and grab his crotch.

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