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39. He misses the birth of your child


Harry: Unfortunately, Harry had to go back home to Holmes Chapel during a family crisis, and since you were almost eight months pregnant, you couldn't go home with him. Since you still had about four weeks left in your pregnancy, you weren't that worried about him missing the birth. But three days after he left, you woke up alone to extremely painful cramps and your broken water wetting the bed. You quickly called 911, then Harry, telling him that he needed to get home immediately. A few hours later at the hospital, it was time to push. "I can't! Harry isn't here!" You cry. It hurts a lot, and all you want to do is get your baby out into the open, but it breaks your heart that you're alone without Harry. "You have to or you risk hurting your baby, Y/N. Now push!" Your doctor urges. You give your all for the both of you and hold your breath in the silence until your newborn takes his first breath and cries. Immediately you're in tears too as your tiny newborn is placed in your arms. "Daddy will be here soon, I promise," you say then kissing his tiny head. And he is, two hours later, and incredibly happy that his new baby, which you had earlier agreed to name Oliver, Ollie for short, is healthy and safe. Liam: Due to horrible planning, Liam wasn't due back from tour until three days before your due date. You planned a voluntary C-Section so you could plan what day you wanted to have your child and that he would be there, but it seemed as nature had other plans. You went into a labor a week before your due date, completely dashing your plans. Your best friend took you to the hospital, as you frantically called each of the boys, none of them answering. "They must be in rehearsal, or an interview. They'll get your messages!" Y/BFF/N comforts you. You try to believe her, but it breaks your heart going in without him. At the hospital everything happens so fast. Within the hour, your doctor is urging you to push, but Liam or any of the boys still haven't called back. Your best friend holds your hand as you reluctantly push, and suddenly wails pierce the room as you tear up and squeeze your best friends hand. Your baby boy is placed in your arms and you greet the newborn with a smile. "Welcome to the world little James. Daddy's a little late, but he's coming, I promise!" You spend a good six hours alone with your adorable baby boy until Liam rushes in, upset to not be there to help you, but so happy that his baby boy is safe and sound. Louis: Everything was going to be fine until you get the call you were hoping you wouldn't get. Louis' flight was delayed until the next morning. You were already in labor, and within the day you would be a proud mom. "I'm so sorry Y/N. They said they've done everything they can but the weather is just too bad. I'm sorry," Louis tells you over the phone. His voice is tiny from being stretched across the Atlantic Ocean. You were calling it close at first, but now there was no way he was going to make it. "Harry's here, Lou. I'm not alone. I just wish you could be here too." You bite your lip and gasp as another contraction wracks your body. You concentrate on your breathing until the cramp passes. "I love you so much Y/N and the baby that's coming. I would do anything to be with you right now. Can I talk to Harry?" You pass Harry the phone and he goes out into the hall for privacy. "You're just about ready Mrs. Tomlinson. Have you chosen a name already?" A nurse asks you as Harry comes back into the room. You nod, and in ten minutes, your baby boy is in your arms. "Happy Birthday Edward!" You had waited to tell Harry that you'd decided to name your baby boy after him. "You named him after me?" he asks, tears glittering his eyes. "Of course. Eddie, this is your uncle Harry." You let Harry take your baby boy in his arms and they both smile at each other. You snap a picture of them beaming at each other and send it to Lou with the message. "We send our love! Can't wait for you to come home, but Harry is sure a second best. Love you so much. Y/N and Eddie Tomlinson." Niall: Everything in your life was going okay until you tripped down the stairs during your eighth month of pregnancy. Immediately you were rushed to the hospital, both of you were very worried about the health of your child. You were rushed into the ER when the doctors thought it was best for an emergency C-section, and you were immediately prepped and put into surgery. The doctors wouldn't let Niall in until your son was born and deemed healthy. You cried, blaming yourself, everything had happened so fast, and you just prayed to God your newborn was going to be okay. You felt nothing as your baby was lifted into the world, but felt a rush of emotion as your baby's strong cries filled the operating room. He was rushed to be checked over meticulously by the doctors, and returned to your arms when he was deemed perfectly healthy. Niall was finally let in to see you once you were transferred to a room. "My beautiful Thomas, you gave us such a scare," you coo, with Niall over your shoulder. "As long as you two are healthy, nothing else matters." You share a kiss with Niall, then continue to coo over your adorable, and most importantly, healthy son. Zayn: You feel his grip on your hand lighten as you begin pushing. "There's the head, and the shoulders-" You scream "Oh my God!" interrupting the doctor as Zayn faints, landing on the floor! Two nurses rush to his side as he lays unconscious next to you, and within the minute your baby girl is born and he still doesn't wake. Her strong wails finally wake him up, and the nurses check his vitals and help him up to a chair as your baby is placed in your arms. "I thought Louis was the drama queen!" you poke at Zayn. "I don't know what happened. I was holding your hand, then I was on the ground. And now you're here." He looks at your baby nervously, like he's afraid he'll break her. "She's so tiny," he whispers. "She has your eyes, babe. I love you so much Zayn. I couldn't be happier," you admit. "Me either. My two girls are absolutely amazing." He snaps Ellie's first picture of her in your arms and sending it to each of the boys. "I love you two so much. Our baby's perfect, just like her mum."
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