One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


10. He introduces you to the rest of the boys


Liam: "Is there anything I need to note down before I meet them?" you tease, laughing nervously. "Well, Niall gets quite protective of his food, so don't steal it. Louis and Harry might drop a few dirty jokes, but just block them out when they do and Zayn might be a bit quiet at first." he warns you, going along with the act. "Duly noted." you reply with a grin as he ushers you inside the studio, where the boys are recording and hanging out. "They should be in the green room; the first door to the right. Just go through first. I need to talk to Paul for a while." he tells you, giving you a swift kiss before heading the opposite direction. Upon opening the door, you're crowded around and greeted. "Oh, okay." you gasp in surprise as they all hug you and retreat back to the couches. "(Y/N), come sit down." Niall smiles, patting the spot on the couch next to him. "So do we start calling you Mummy Direction now?" Louis jokes, as you and the boys laugh, not noticing Liam walking in. "You better." Liam answers in a mock stern voice, placing an arm over your shoulders. Zayn: "So you're (Y/N). It's great to finally meet you." Liam exclaims, before giving you a bear hug. "Are you guys dating?" Louis asks, gesturing between you and Zayn. Zayn steps closer to you and grabs your hand, lacing his fingers between yours. "Yep, and I love her, so don't try anything." Zayn warns the boys lightheartedly. You feel a blush creep up your face as Zayn says this. "Damn." Harry groans. "Harry and I had a bet that Zayn was dating someone. Harry didn't think so." Niall explains, after you look at that curiously. You laugh and nod as the boys then ask you basic questions to know you a little more. By the end of the day, you get along perfectly with each one of them. "See, that wasn't that bad." Zayn comments as he takes you home. "I guess you were right." you admit, smiling up at him and he kisses you lightly on the lips. Niall: "Lads, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), that's Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry." he introduces you to each other boys. You timidly wave at them but Louis stands up to give you a hug, and the others follow suit. "She's gorgeous." you hear Zayn tell Niall, nudging him, but your attention interrupted by Harry. "So you're Niall's infamous Princess then?" he grins. "Infamous? What have you been telling them, Niall?" you frown at him. "Harry's kidding. You're only infamous because Niall won't stop talking about you." Liam assures you. "He says that your hair smells like apples and cinnamon." Louis blurts out, as you turn to see Niall blushing. "Should I be freaked out?" you ask them, pretending to be cautious. "It's okay, (Y/N). We'll keep you safe." Harry exclaims, hugging you. "Hands off, Harry!" Niall yells before bursting out into laughter and everyone else joins in. All six of you spend the remainder of the afternoon laughing and falling into conversation. Harry: "It'll be fine." Harry reassures you, as he pushed the hotel room door open. You see the boys scattered around the room, Niall watching TV with Liam while Zayn sits down in front of the coffee table on his phone and Louis sits by the window, on his laptop. Harry's arm snakes around your waist as he introduces you to them. You wave at them and they grin back saying "Hi" and introducing themselves. You and the boys start a conversation and soon enough you're all laughing and teasing each other. "I just need to grab something from my room before we leave. I'll be back soon." Harry tells you, then leaving the room. Louis rushes towards the door and closes it, as the other boys motion for you to quickly come closer to them. Confused, you do as they tell you and they huddle around you. Zayn speaks first: "We know how Harry can be at times, and we really like you." "We think Harry's lucky to have you." Louis chimes in. "Anyways, if he ever does anything to make you sad, tell us and we'll make sure he never makes the mistake again." the Zayn continues, grinning. You laugh and nod, the four boys each giving you a high five. Louis: "Louis, they're your 4 best friends. How can I not be worried?" you sigh after he tells you for the third time to stop being nervous. "You'll be fine. They'll love you as much as I do. Hopefully not in the same way though." he mutters the last bit to himself as you giggle. "Come on!" he takes your hand, pulling you towards the venue where they are having soundcheck. When the boys spot you from the stage, they stop rehearsing and rush down towards you and Louis. "Hi (Y/N), I'm Niall." Niall introduces himself while walking towards you, and you hold out a hand but instead he hugs you. The others laugh as they see your shocked face. "I'm Liam." "I know who is who already." you laugh. "You do?" Liam answers back naively. "Yeah. You're on TV and in magazines all the time." The boys start nodding and chuckling in realisation. "Oh, and besides, Louis often bitches about you guys to me." you whisper, but just loud enough for Louis to hear. "HEY! That's not true." Louis replies in defence, as the boys pretend to be offended.
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