One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


51. He goes to tour and brings you


Liam: When Liam asked you to go on tour with him you said yes! You were watching him perform from the front row. When he sings one thing, he looks at you the whole time. You wondered why he was looking at you. ‘Cuz you make my heart race.’ he sang to you. You felt special for the first time in your life. You started crying with happiness. ’ I love you’ you mouth. ‘I love you too.’ Liam says in front of the whole audience. ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry Y/n and guys I thought I was mouthing and you know… sorry ’ Liam says. You laugh. You were shocked that he said I love you to millions of people, but you didn’t care. You blew him a kiss to which he smiled at.

NiallNiall had just finished his performance and was coming back to the hotel. ‘I’m tired, I’m hungry, I miss you and I miss my fans already OOH AND I’m homesick!’ Niall tells you over the phone. ‘Aww honey! Prince, don’t worry okay! I’ll see you soon!’ you say. You went towards the kitchen and made his favourite sandwich for him. You added so much food in it and you hoped he would like it. You heard the door open and ran with the sandwich in your hand and giving it to Niall before giving him a kiss. ‘OH DEAR GOD! THIS SANDWICH! I LOVE YOU!’ You laugh,’Ni, can I have a bite?’ you ask. ‘No! Joking why not?’ he winks.

Zayn: You were watching the boys live with Danielle ( or you best friend ). You were so happy for them especially Zayn. ‘Okay so we decided to sing a cover for one special person. This is for y/n’ He sings you a song that represents your relationship. ‘And I’ll be your crying your shoulder, I’ll be loves suicide, I’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of your life. I love y/n!’ Zayn says. This was the first time he said he loves you to not only you but to millions of people. ‘SHE LOVES YOU TOO!’ the fans shout. And it’s true, you do love him.

Louis: Louis dragged you to his concerts. You didn’t want to go because you were scared you were going to get hate. You already had hate from twitter saying that you were fat and ugly. This made you feel very insecure. ‘Okay guys I need a volunteer!’ Louis says. ‘So this next song is What Makes You Beautiful and I will sing that song to a volunteer who I love very much!’ You froze. No way in hell were you going to get up there. Paul came up to you and picked you up. ‘Paul let me down!’ he obviously ignored you. As soon as you went on stage, Louis started serenading you. ‘Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flipped your hair gets me overwhelmed, the way you smiled at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, that you don’t know, you don’t know that you’re beautiful.’ He kisses you passionately.

Harry: Harry and you were best friends. He invited you to come to America with him and you said yes which resulted a break-up from you and your boyfriend. You was glad because you really loved Harry and wanted to be with him, but you were positive that he didn’t feel the same way. You could tell that he was nervous when he was performing which was weird because he was always himself when he performed. ‘This next song goes to a special someone.’ Harry says. A huge lump was in your throat. ‘I might as well give up’ you thought. Then his part came up and he looked at you straight in the eyes ‘When he opens his arm and holds you close and night, it just won’t feel right cuz I can love you more than this yeahh.’ You froze. Does this mean he loves you? Your head was spinning round. After the show finished you went backstage and stopped. ‘Guys DROP IT! She doesn’t love me… I know it! She didn’t say anything when I sang to her.’ Harry says. You run towards him and leap on him. He catches you and you kiss him with so much passion. Thankfully he kisses back. ‘I love you y/n. It killed me seeing you with that twat.’ You smiled ‘Well you’re mine now!’

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