One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


15. He get jealous of another celebrity


HARRY: “Oh my god!” you jump up and down in your seat as you see Zac Efron walk into the Starbucks that you and Harry so happened to be enjoying a quiet coffee at. Harry’s eyes moved over to where your attention was being taken, and he frowned. “Is this real life? Oh my god, I’m actually going to faint,” you rambled on, so starstruck that Zac Efron was in the same restaurant as you. “Should I say something?” you looked at Harry, who was glaring at Zac in jealousy. “Harry?” you ask, poking his arm. “Huh?” Harry’s eyes fell on you, as you looked at him with wide eyes. “I’m going to say something!” you stood up, as Harry gave a sigh. “[Y/N], he’s probably busy,” he mumbles before looking up to see that you are already on your way to where Zac is grabbing his coffee. “Excuse me, Zac? Oh my god, this is crazy,” you tap Zac’s arm and he turns, giving you a big grin. “[Y/N], are you serious? Your even more gorgeous in person!” Zac says, leaning against the counter and smiling at you, obviously interested. Harry’s eyes grow wide as he sees you and Zac laughing. When Zac asks if you want to hang out later, Harry can’t take it any longer as he stands up, walks over to where you two are, snakes his arm around your waist and presses kisses onto your cheek. “Babe, let’s go, I’ve got some surprises for you at home,” he whispers into your ear, but whispers it loud enough that Zac can hear. “Harry Styles..” Zac mutters, saying his goodbyes to you as he walks out of the Starbucks. You just giggle, slapping Harry’s arm playfully and grabbing his hand to lead him outside.

LOUIS: You were browsing through your Twitter when you noticed Channing Tatum had begun following you and even mentioned you in a tweet saying you were his all time crush and he would love to meet you sometime. You squealed, almost falling out of your seat as Louis walked into the room. “Babe, why are you squealing? Did you see a photo of me naked-“ Louis stops when he sees you on Channing’s twitter. “No! Channing Tatum thinks I’m pretty! And he wants to meet me! Me! And he’s following me! Oh my god, Louis! This is the best day of my life!” you jump up from your seat, wrapping your arms around Louis as you jump up and down. Louis just stands there, a bit upset that you said the best day of your life was when Channing Tatum called you pretty. How about when he asked you to be his girlfriend, told you he loved you, asked you to move in… he shook his head and tried to ignore it, as he went to sit down on the couch and you moved back to your laptop. You quickly reply back to Channing, telling him that he is an amazing actor and you’d love to meet him sometime. Louis opens Twitter on his phone and sees your tweet, and rolls his eyes. What has Channing got that he doesn’t? Louis quickly tweets Channing, telling him that your taken and to back off of his girl. As you see the tweet, you turn to Louis who is lying on the couch with his eyes closed, like he said nothing. “Louis! Did you seriously just say that?!” you accused, storming over to where he was lying. He looked at you with innocent eyes. “Say what?” he asked. “To Channing! Come on Louis, this is such an amazing thing for me and you just ruined it!” you cry, sitting near his feet and slapping them away from you. Louis sits up, staring at you. “You just told me that the best day of your life is today, how do you think that makes me feel?” he asks quietly, moving away and you swear you see a tear drop from his eye. “Aw, Lou poo,” you move towards him, wrapping your arms around his bare chest and resting your head against his shoulder. “I didn’t mean that, I was just excited. The best day of my life was when I met you, and when I realized I was in love with you. Channing Tatum is nothing compared to you, I love you,” you press little kisses into his cheek as he grins. “I’m still the Swagmasta from Doncaster!” he shouts, kissing you. “That’s my Lou,” you giggle.

ZAYN: You’re at a red carpet event with Zayn, extremely excited because you’d met a heap of celebrities so far. When you spot Justin Bieber down the carpet, you turn into a complete fangirl, jumping up and down while holding onto Zayn’s arm. “What?!” Zayn asks, looking around to find what had turned his girlfriend into a crazy girl. “Justin Bieber!” you yell, pointing towards the boy who is inching closer to you. “Oh god,” Zayn groans, knowing how crazy you were about Justin. Justin spots you and waves, as you shoot him a smile and wave back. Zayn looks at Justin who is obviously checking you out, and he inches closer until he’s right next to you. “[Y/N], right?” Justin asks, tracing his fingers on your forearm. “Yes,” you breathe, smiling wide as Justin greets Zayn. “Mmm,” Zayn says back, looking at all the cameras flashing on the three of you. Justin was obviously flirting with you, and Zayn can’t take it any longer as he snaps. “Don’t you have a girlfriend to get to? Cause I have mine, so you might want to go find yours,” he shouts, pulling you away from Justin as the two of you head down the carpet. “Someone’s a little jealous,” you giggle, squeezing his hand. “He’s such a flirt!” Zayn complains, looking to see if he was following. “Jealous is sexy on you,” you grin, kissing his cheek.

NIALL: You and Niall were cuddling on the couch, watching a movie, as your phone goes off. You reach over to check your phone, and smile as you reply. “Who’s that?” Niall asks, shoving a handful of popcorn in his mouth. “Siva Kaneswaran,” you reply absently, realizing you shouldn’t have said that as his grip around your waist tightens. “That guy from The Wanted?” he asks, the popcorn falling out of his mouth. “Yeah,” you reply, wiping a small piece of popcorn from the corner of his mouth. “How does he even have your number?” Niall asks, obviously jealous. “Um, we exchanged numbers on Twitter, Nialler, you’re not jealous are you?” Niall’s cheeks flush pink and he sighs as he looks down at his hands. “Niall! I love you, you know that? It’s not like me and Siva are meeting up or anything,” you looked down at your phone as you received another text. “What does that say?” Niall asks defensively. You open the text and read it out loud. “Do you want to meet up?” you say, looking at Niall. He slams his face down into his hands and sighs. “Great! Now I’m losing my girlfriend to that frigging guy and I won’t-“ you cut him off with a kiss. “No, you’re not losing me, I’ll text him back saying I’m perfectly happy with the boy I have right here. And plus, I prefer blondes,” you say, ruffling his hair.

LIAM: Your walking down the street with your hand in Liam’s when you stop dead in your tracks. Your mouth drops open, and you scream. “[Y/N]! What’s wrong, are you okay? Are you hurt?” Liam asks, cradling your face in his hands. “That’s, that’s, that’s Rupert Grint!” you squeal, pointing and jumping up and down  as you see Rupert Grint walking down the street towards the two of you. You pull on Liam’s arm to take you down further to meet him, and Liam groans, knowing how much you admired him. And he’d heard Rupert say in an interview that he fancied you too. You reached Rupert, and tapped his shoulder, and he grinned as he turned around. “[Y/N]! I’ve always wanted to meet you!” he says happily, shaking your hand, but Liam notices how he holds it a little longer than he would usually. “Me too! I actually can’t believe this,” you giggle back, and Liam’s hand on yours tightens, and you look to him. “Oh, Rupert, this is Liam, I’m guessing you know him from One Direction,” you say, looking at Liam. “Hey Liam! Your music is fantastic,” Rupert says, being extremely polite and you look to Liam, expecting him to be equally polite back. “Hello,” Liam says coldly. “I’m Liam, HER boyfriend,” Liam says back, snaking his arm around your waist as he pulls you close and away from Rupert. “And sorry for this Rupert, but we actually have somewhere we need to be, come on [Y/N]!” Liam says as he whisks you around and away from Rupert, as you send him back an apologetic look. “Liam, what was that all about?” you ask, annoyed as you had just met one of your favourite actors. “He fancies you, too much,” Liam says, looking from left to right as you cross the road. “He was just being polite!” you complain, making Liam drag you along. “I just don’t want to lose you to a wizard, and haven’t you heard, gingers always get the girls,” Liam says softly, and you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous your boyfriend is.

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