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En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


53. He finds out you have an eating disorder


Harry: It had gone from cutting down on junk food, to counting calories, to this. What was this? You didn’t even know anymore. It was nice at first, having pound after pound roll off, but now, it was scary. You couldn’t stop it. Within the two months your boyfriend was away on tour, you lost a shocking 80 pounds.

When Harry walked through the house doors after arriving back from tour, you knew he’d be surprised. Happy surprised, not at all like this.

‘(Y/N)!’ He yelled as he walked in the house. You sprint over to him, throwing yourself in his arms. He immediately let’s go.

(Y/N)…’ he asks, worriedly, ‘you, um, lost weight.’

‘Yeah I did!’ You smile, ‘Doesn’t it look great?’

‘How much did you loose?’ He asks.

‘80 pounds! Isn’t it great?’ You put on a fake smile.

‘And how much do you weigh now?’

‘That’s not the matter! Isn’t is amazing that you’re finally home I cant wait to-‘

‘How much do you weigh?’ He practically yells.

‘Um, 80 pounds,’ you mutter.

‘I said how much do you weigh, not how much you… oh.’ he realizes, ‘(Y/N), you can’t do this to yourself!’ He cries.

That night, for the first night in a long time, you eat. And, you have to admit, it feels great.


Niall: You had always received a lot of hate from fans, but it was getting worse. It wasn’t just the voice inside your head telling you that you weren’t good enough anymore, it was on the outside too.

What else could you do than pick up your old habits?

You never meant for Niall to find out. One day, he just saw it. You, in the bathroom, throwing up the little amount of food in your stomach, hand down your throat. You didn’t even notice him for a while. He just watched as wave after wave came out. You flushed the toilet, brushed your teeth, spun around, and there he was. Crying on the doorstep, his face in his hands.

‘Niall?’ You ask quietly.

‘How could you do this to yourself, (Y/N)? You’re so beautiful… so, so beautiful..’ he sobs.

Maybe it was the sudden realization that someone cares, or the fact that petty little insults shouldn’t hurt you that much, but either way, you stopped. For Niall, you stopped.


Zayn: The night of the Brits was supposed to be perfect, you accompanying Zayn while looking stunning in your Vera Wang gown, now you passing out in the midst of the ceremony and being rushed to the hospital.

While you lay unconscious in the back of the ambulance, Zayn put two and two together. Vanishing to the bathroom after most meals, eating less, calorie counting….

And weight loss.

Waking up in the hospital bed was hard, automatically facing Zayn, who had obviously spent the night crying.

So, you, explained everything. What was supposed to be a simple diet turned into a full-on eating disorder. It was hard not only to admit that to Zayn, but to yourself as well.

But Zayn was there for you. He managed to make you eat more, and he kept a constant eye on you. With his help, the disorder soon vanished and you never even thought about relapsing.


Liam: It was hard hiding anything from Liam, but even when you came out to him about your long term self image problems and eating disorder, even he was surprised.

You didn’t exactly want to tell him, but after loosing that much weight, he would of known that something was up.

After what ended in Liam throwing out all of the scales and mirrors in your house out of the window, he comforted you as you broke down in his arms.

And maybe, for the first time in a long time, you knew that someone cares.


Louis: You weren’t sure when Louis found out, it could of been anytime. From eating less at restaurants, or cutting down on basically everything, but you knew he knew what was happening when he called you into your shared room one day.

‘I was looking through the closet,’ Louis told you, motioning to the open doors, ‘And I saw some marks in the closet that I think we both know what they are.’

He pushes away the clothes to reveal an outline of your waist drawn on the wall. What had started out as a ‘perfectly normal’ figure caved in and in, resulting in narrower lines on the wall, marked with dates ranging from a few months ago up until now.

That night, Louis spent all of his time painting over those marks on the wall, and instead, writing down a light of 200 reasons why you’re perfect.

And that was enough from you to stop.

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