One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


56. He finds out you cut and he helps you stop


Harry: Lately you had been getting a lot of hate from some of your boyfriend’s so-called ‘fans’, because they were jealous that you and him were so happy together. You had always had some self-esteem issues and thousands of people calling you names really didn’t help. One day it got too overwhelming and you decided to do what you always did when you were really sad. You went to your bathroom and found your razor. With tears in your eyes you cut a fine line into your wrist. You didn’t hear Harry come in, but he heard you crying in the bathroom, so he went in to comfort you. When he saw what you were doing he was in shock. He didn’t know what to do, so he just took the razor out of your hand and held you tightly. “Please don’t ever do this again. You’re way too perfect to be doing this” Harry said and you just cried. After that Harry helped you stop. Louis: It was a hot summer day and you were at the beach with your boyfriend Louis. He wanted you to come in the water with him, but you refused because you didn’t want to take of your t-shirt. Louis started to chase after you to take it off and go in the water with him. When he finally caught you he kissed you and pulled off your t-shirt. Your hands instantly went your hips in a desperate attempt to hide the fresh cuts. “What’s that?” Louis asked and moved your hands. “My cat scratched me” you said desperately. “Babe, you don’t have a cat, you’re allergic” Louis said, and you looked down. “Why didn’t you tell me something was wrong? I would’ve done anything to make it better.” You looked Louis in the eyes. “I’m sorry” you said and a few tears fell from your eyes. Louis hugged you and whispered: “It’s going to be alright, I promise. Just talk to me next time, okay?” You nodded. “I promise” you said. Zayn: You were staying at your boyfriend Zayn’s house, and after getting out of the shower, you were in his bed room getting dressed. The two of you hadn’t been together for that long and you still hadn’t seen each other naked. You knew you loved Zayn, though, and he knew he loved you. You had found a cute top to put on, and while you were looking for some pants that would match Zayn came in. “ZAYN!” you screamed surprised and kind of tried to cover up. You grabbed something random and held it in front of your thigh. “What are you hiding?” Zayn asked and looked at the shirt you were holding. You looked down and noticed that your cuts were still visible and you subtly tried to move the shirt further right. Unfortunately Zayn noticed and he grabbed the shirt out of your hands, revealing a bunch of long, deep cuts. A look of sadness and confusion appeared on Zayn’s face. He pulled you close to him and with a tiny whisper he said: “Please don’t do that to yourself.” You could feel his tears on your skin. “I’ll stop” you said, and you did because seeing Zayn in pain hurt you more than any of your insecurities. Liam: You were lying on your bathroom floor. Your arms were bloody and your face was wet from your tears. Recently everything had just gotten to the point of being too much. You couldn’t take it anymore, so you had turned to the only way you knew how to gain some control. Your boyfriend Liam had noticed that you were acting differently lately, but every time he had asked about it, you had lied and told him you were probably just tired. While you laid there on the floor, consumed by your thoughts and prayers, Liam barged in. You thought you were alone and even though you were shocked, you were too weak to react. Liam on the other was not. When he saw the blood his face changed to the most fearful, worried expression you had ever seen. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around your lower arm, trying to stop the bleeding. He sat you up and pulled you into his tight embrace. “I’m so sorry” he whispered quietly. “I should’ve seen it, I should’ve helped you.” Seeing Liam like this was killing you, and you decided that for his sake you would never hurt yourself again, and you didn’t. Niall: You had told your boyfriend Niall that you were taking a shower before your date, so you were in the bathroom almost naked. But truth was that you weren’t going to shower, you just needed privacy to get rid of your pain. With trembling hands you traced a razor blade over your wrist, making small cuts as you did. You had left the water running, so Niall would believe you were showering, and so he wouldn’t hear you cry. As you were sitting there on the floor, Niall walked in. “Hey princess, I’m just go-“ he said, but stopped talking as he saw you sitting on the floor with blood all over. His eyes instantly teared up as he sat down next to you. “Please give me that” he said and reached out for the razor. You handed it over and broke down in tears. Niall embraced you, and stroked your hair until you calmed down a little. “Please stop this. It kills me to see you like this” Niall said after your crying had almost stopped. “Will you help me?” you asked and sniffled. “Of course, princess. I’ll always be here to help you” he said and hugged you tighter.
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