One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


33. He compares you to his ex


Harry: You overheard him talking to someone on the phone. You heard him say your name so you decided to listen. "I mean I love her to death I would die for her. But Caroline was always dressed nicely everywhere we went. Always girly. I wish she was like that sometimes you know?" your heart sank. You felt tears come. You ran to your bathroom. You looked in the mirror. Shorts and a forever 21 shirt. Your hair pulled up in a messy bun. You thought this was girly enough. Apparently not. You imedetly went to yours and Harry's room and pulled on a skirt and nice blouse, you curled your hair and did your makeup perfectly. Time for change. Zayn: Zayn was in the living room with the boys. You listened in. "She's great and all but, Perrie was always, so, quiet and shy. And she's so loud, and not shy." he said. Your heart about broke. You snuck past them and went up to yours and Zayns room. You cried into a pillow. Meanwhile, you began to think how to become that sweet shy girl Zayn wants. Liam: Liam was never the one to say things about someone. But every once in awhile he let something slip. He's only human. He was talking to Niall over the phone. You didn't mean to hear him. "She just isn't as adventrous as Danielle was ya know?" you sat at the kitchen table. Looking at your calendar only minutes later, filling in anything you guys can do for the next two weeks. Niall: You didn't mean to hear him. But when you hear your name your bound to listen right? "I love her but Holly was I don't know, more lean, thin. I like girls with more of thin look I guess..." You felt tears prick your eyes. You imedetly ran up to the bathroom. You were always a bit curvy. It ran in the family. But Niall likes skinner girls. You looked at yourself in the mirror. Your thighs were too big, your hips. You began to cry more. No more eaiting fattie foods. Louis: He was talking to Harry as you got drinks in the kitchen. You heard him mention you and you stood in the hallway and listened. "She's great Harry really, but she's not as nice and sweet as Eleanoar was." your heart shattered. You held back tears and came back into the room. "Thanks baby." Louis smilied. You gave him a fake smile and sat while you all watched a movie thinking of how to change.
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