One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


58. He Comforts You


Liam: You decided to workout with him the night before and woke up extremely sore. He gently massaged your legs and carried you wherever you needed to go. you both decided to watch a movie because it required no psychical movement. he had his arm around your shoulders, drawing little circles on your shoulder blades. you leaned your head on his shoulder and settled in. Niall: You have an awful headache, so he walked you to your bedroom, kissed your forehead, shut the lights off, and walked out. He came back five minutes later and walked to your side, sat you up and handed you water and two ibuprofen. He laid you back down and set a warm washcloth on your head, kissed you softly and left the room. He came back in thirty minutes to check on you and then got in bed next to you where you both took a nap. You woke up with his arm draped around you. Louis: You two were having a pillow fight when he accidentally hit you too hard on the mouth, where you bit your lip in the process. you both laughed it off until you tasted blood. he immediately picked you up and carried you to the kitchen and set you on the counter by the sink. he filled a cup with water and held it up to you and said "swish it around and spit it back out." you obliged, and as you were swishing he grabbed a washcloth, walked to the freezer and filled it with ice cubes. You spit out the water and then Louis gently set the ice pack on your lips. he picked you back up and set you on the couch where he sat next to you with his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close to his body. Zayn: You started your period, and since Zayn had grown up with all sisters, he knew how to help. he grabbed a heating pad, ibuprofen, and a movie and laid in bed with you. When you winced in pain he looked at you and said "What do they feel like, the cramps?" "It kind of feels like holding in a big poop for like a week." His face registered pain and he shook his head. "Glad I'm not a girl..." you laughed, "Yeah, me too." Harry: You two were hanging out at his flat when you got a really bad stomach ache. you toppled over on the couch and he sat next to you, rubbing your back. you flipped over onto your back and set your head on his lap and he started running his hands through your hair. you had to throw up so you ran to the bathroom. you heard him knock on the door a few minutes later asking if you were okay. you muttered yes and he walked into the bathroom where you were siting on the ground, sweat covering your face. he walked over and handed you a glass of ginger ale and kissed you on the top of your head. he sat down next to you to keep you company.
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