One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


62. Harry


You and Harry has been bestfriends since kids. You guys got along easily and you’ve always been there for him when he needs you or vice versa. You can sing and you were in his audition in X-Factor and you supported him until now. He’s back in Cheshire and you guys have been hanging out. Your mother and Harry’s mother were best friends, now its you and him. He has his own house and you lived in a very small apartment, you needed to pay rent but you’re at your last dollar. You just got fired from working in the theater because a costumer complained about your laziness. Also, you had feelings from the day you guys met, but you were scared to tell him so you hid it. Then you called Harry and asked.

Y: “Harry?I need your help. I need to borrow money for rent and I promise to pay you back.” 

H: “I would, but if I gave you money now, you’ll come asking for more. Why don’t you just move in with me here?” 

Y: “Are you serious?” You asked jumping up and down.

H: “Yeah, just come pack and move here.”

Y: “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Harry.” 

H: “Okay. Now let me go back to sleep.” 

Y: “Sorry.”

You packed your stuff and since its only the 29th, you still have 2 days to move out. Your apartment is small, It can only probably fit 10 people in there. You packed and when you’re done you called Harry.

Y: “I’m on my way.”

H: “Just come in when you arrive okay kiddo.”

Y: “Yeah, fine.”

You hung up and about 15 minutes later you arrived in his house. Even thou you’ve been to his house a couple of times, you still get amazed of how big it is.You knock on his door and he helped you with your stuff. He showed you to your room.

“Here you go, your bedroom. My bedroom is next door and the bathroom is down the hall.” 

“Thanks, Harry.” You said while giving you a hug, he has really strong arms which is strong enough to lift you.

“No problem kiddo.” He joked and laughed.

“I’m not a kid, Harry.” You said and pouted.

“You act like one, and looks like one.” He told you, you just stare at him and kept on pouting.

“I’m gonna go shower I guess.” You finally said to him. “Okay. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” He said back.

You went to grab your towel and go shower, you showered and changed.

You got the necklace from Harry for your birthday present. Its the most gorgeous thing so you keep on using it everyday. You have a really long hair and Harry loves it and told you not to cut it, you do as he says because he’s very scary when he gets pissed off.

You were on the way back to your room to unpack when you realized Harry’s door room opened. You peeked and saw Harry’s back and he’s shirtless. You blushed and ran before he saw you. You went in your room and unpack, the closet was big but you didn’t have many clothes so there’s still space for more stuff. You finished unpacking and went to plug your iPod to the speakers and ‘Payphone’ started to come up and you sing along. You had a beautiful voice and you didn’t notice there was Harry smiling while listening to you.

“Sorry to interrupt but dinner is ready.”

“Uh, thanks Harry.” you said while turning your iPod off and headed downstairs to go eat. You guys finished dinner and you guys decided to watch a movie together. You guys sat next to each other and he kept you warm, you accidentally fell asleep in his arms and he carried you to your bedroom, tucked you in and he left to go to bed.

About 8am in the morning, you heard something so loud that you had to wake up. “What the hell?” You said to yourself and heard something coming out of Harry’s room. His alarm was going off like crazy, you stopped it and shook him awake. “Why is your alarm set at 8am?” You said while rubbing your eyes. “Uh, I have to take you somewhere, get ready.” He said in his morning voice. “Fine..” you said and ran to your room to get ready. 

30 minutes later, you see Harry waiting for you in the couch with his hands on his phone, you went down and he hid his phone in shock.

“Ready (Y/N)?” Harry asked nervously. “Yeah.” You said back. You guys went to the car and ‘Superhero by Cher Lloyd’ turns on and you started singing along because that’s one of your favorite song. about 25 minutes later, you guys arrived. He took you to a…..Recording Studio.

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