One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


17. Harry



your DVD player has just broken in your spare room in the apartment you and Harry share. Its more your room than his because his things are everywhere he basically runs the place. You both agreed that you need your space sometimes so you have your own room. Every day you like to do some yoga but the DVD player is broken, Harry isnt home and you decide to do it in the lounge room.

You’re wearing a cute two peice outfit; tight black short shorts that may have the lower part of your bum bursting out when you bend over and a crop top that tightly squeezes your boobs so they are almost bursting out. You love this outfit but never wear it because Harry is a little perv and he would NEVER let you wear being his protective self.

You start your yoga and your relfection is in the glass windows you are facing but what you cant see or tell is Harry just got home. Arms in the air and taking a deep breath in emphasising you breats you slowly bend down letting out a little moan from stretching.

“how about we try that tongiht?” you hear him ask from the bedroom walking towards you pulling you into a passionate (to say the least) kiss. You can tell you going to be sore tomorrow from all the exercise

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