One Direction - Imagines

En masse dejlige One Direction imagines. (Engelske)


6. Bangin' in the kitchen


Harry: "(Y/N), that was no fair. You were teasing me with your hands in my lap the entire time the boys were over for dinner." "I'm sorry, Haz. I just can't keep my hands to myself." You say, winking. Harry pushes you on the kitchen table, swiping all the dishes on to the floor with a crash. He unbottons your shirt, and takes off your pants. During all this you're kissing his neck. He leans over you, and starts kissing down your torso. You undress him, and start massaging his penis. While he's moaning, he's unhooking your bra, and slipping your panties off. You slide his boxers down, and he positions himself at your entrance. While thrusting himself into you, he demands you scream out his name. "Ffffuck, Harry!" You both reach your climax, relaxing on the kitchen table.

Niall: You get up to rinse the dishes after the boys leave from visiting for dinner. Niall comes up behind you, and you can feel his bulge. "That wasn't very cool, what you did there. Your dress... Had me goin' the entire time." You turn around, and press yourself onto him. "Oh really, now? Hmm... what do you say you lay me on the kitchen table and show me how much it had ya goin, Niall." He layed you on the kitchen table, and madelove to you.

Liam: "(Y/N)... I know I usually don't do this, but I can't resist. I need to be in you, now." He rips off all your clothing, along with his, and thrusts himself into you while climbing you two on the kitchen table. "This is what you get for teasing me while the lads were over." He says.

Zayn: "(Y/N), you're so damn hot. Let me show you my bradford badboi moves." He lays you down on the kitchen table, and starts leaving lovebites along your torso. Finally, you two strip down to nothing, and he thrusts into you. As you two reach your climax, he kisses you on your nose and carries you upstairs.

Louis: "You absolute tease. You know what that red dress does to me." Louis comes up behinds you while you're washing dishes, after the boys left from visiting for dinner. He unzips your dress and slides down your panties. "I'm sorry, I've never tried this..." He enters you from behind. "Fffffuck, (Y/N)." He moans into your ear. You hold onto the kitchen sink, "Dear God, Louis! Fuck!" He reaches his climax from behind you, and you both topple on the counter.

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