Goodbye (1D)

Sophie Milton is a girl from London. She got bullied alot when she were in college, about how she looked and about that she loved One Direction. When she decides to make an end of all of this, a blue eyed boy choose to save her. She starts to get angry because he saved her, but slowly they begin to get friends. The magasines thinks they are together, but sophie just want to be friends. She is sure, that Niall thinks the excact same way, but is that true?..

This is my first fanfic, please comment if you have something to say, some critic or anything! :)
Btw. Sorry if I have grammatical falls, I'm danish, but i wanted to write it in english. ^^ <3


1. Goodbye


Everything in my body is cold. I can all most not breathe. I remember the last three years of my life. Remember how I went out of primary school, and straight to college, without my friends. I lost them, every single one of my lovely friends, were gone. I went to college, hoping and dreaming for new friends. Friends who would last for a lifetime, but that were never going to happen.

The first weeks went okay. I got a great friend, Irene, but after a while people started to call me different stuff. They called me ugly, stupid, small, childish, but worst of all, they called me fat. After a short time I started to go on a cure, it went good, but they kept calling me fat and ugly.I have never kissed a boy, or girl, before. I believe, that it’s because I’m ugly and disgusting. I’m a big fan of the band One Direction. I’m probably what most people would call a Directioner. When people found out, that I liked them, they began hating on me because of that. They asked me why I could love five gays. They told me that I must be a slut, when I could listen to their music, and that I probably would die alone, dreaming about them. They told me, that it was impossible that I would ever meet them. My family don’t have much money, so we can’t afford to buy a ticket to one of their concerts. I never stopped loving them, but I stopped talking about them, and listen to their music. After a while, I found out that Irene was talking about me behind my back, and in fact, she did not like me at all.

All this is running around in my head, as I walk towards London Bridge. It is a beautiful summer day in London. People are walking around laughing and talking. Everyone is happy, and I am soon going to be. I will soon be with me friend Caroline. Caroline got bullied too, when we were in primary school, she had many problems, and it all ended up in suicide. I am thinking of her, as I stand in front of the railing, looking into the deep, dark water. I close my eyes “I’m coming Caroline, we will meet again, and we will live together in heaven” I whisper, just before I move my leg over the railing and jump. It feels like I hear a big powerful manly voice scream no, just when I jump, but it couldn’t be. I hit the water. It is cold, much colder than I thought it would be. It hurt; I didn’t thought that it would hurt so much. It feels like tiny knives, is stabbing me all around the body. Suddenly, the loveliest thing happens. I can’t feel my body, and everything is black. My body is flowing down, but it feels like I’m flying up. I feel something around my wrist. Weird, the rest of my body is numb. Suddenly, it feels like my body is ripped out of the water. I can see, but only for a second. The only thing I see is two beautiful blue eyes, which could only be sat on an angel. 


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Sorry, if the chapter is short. I will try to make them longer. :)

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