The life of Hogwarts

Alrenas life have most curtainly not been easy. In fact, her Hogwarts-time, that'll say, the biggest memory of her lifetime, have been a pain in the ass all the way trough. Here her life is, from day very one.


1. A walk down Memory Street


Down the street, a woman with black pitch hair, a pretty face, and huge, green eyes, walked down the streets. Her name is Alrena Madeleine Roushe, and she's twenty years old. The actual place, she was thinking of going to, was Diagon Alley, but why not take a nice walk down of the Memory-streets? There is where she bought her first broom... Ollivanders isn't there anymore... what about Honeydukes? Its been a while since she was there last. Or, maybe Zongos? 

A fast look around the street, made her go directly into The Three Broomsticks. She lifted one of her eyebrows, when she came in, and stood a while, and just... looked.

"Does the cockroaches make it more homelike?" she asked coldly, smiling a little. Right now, her eyes was digging right into the eyes, of the barmaid, Madam Rosmerta. It wasn't a secret, that she noticed her, (she might have recognized her voice. She broke a couple of glasses) and it wasn't a secret, that everytime she was here, she always made her feel bad. She tried to, though.

"Some cider, please," she asked, dangerously sweet, sat down, and moved her black hair back her ears.

"So, how are your parents?" Madam Rosmerta asked, which almost gave Alrena to much to think of. But then, she just smiled, and looked out of the window.

"They're dead," she said, cold as she was, and nearly looked like she actually thought it was funny. Like she thought it was a good thing. And she did.

"Oh. That's sad. They were good people, you know. Here's your cider," she answered, quite nevously. Alrena shook her head. No, not at all. She killed them herself. But it was true, that they were good people. That's what made it less sad. She killed them herself, you see. And she doesn't even feel sorry. She just lifted her eyebrows, and yawned a bit. It was only 10 AM, and she didn't really seem to sleep, last night. More just laying relaxed, with a book over her head, but that was completely usual. 

"Not really. They were old, you know. It was the right time, anyway.

"They were only fourty, weren't they?" Madam Rosmerta asked, and again, she sounded a bit too nervous - which made Alrena a little irritated.

"Is it a possibility, that I could sit here alone?"

"Of course. I'm sorry." her voice was nervous again, and if it wasn't because Alrena was sure she have been holding her mark secret as hell, she would've thought she knew about it.

Then, she started to think about her time at Hogwarts. The first year... her first year was pretty damn crappy, but she kept that as a secret. You see, already at her first year, she was very, very clever. A big part of her first year at Hogwarts, belong to baseball, and once in a while, she tried to make some of the other slytherins play with her. At first, they didn't really wan't to join her, but when she putted broomsticks into the game, it became a quite funny little game, she played with some of her slytherin-friends, who basically was girls. She remembered how she loved to ride her fastest racerbroom, and she remembered how some was really sceptic about her interest for this muggle-sport. She remembered how her boyfriend was, and how she hated him, with all of her heart, just like she hated mr. Draco Malfoy all of her heart. Actually, she rivalized a little with him. But only for two years - the two last ones. She wonders, if he will still remember how they were. It would be fun to see him again, though. See, if his tactics have changed. They may haven't, and that was fine, because then she would be able to take her revenge. And she would absolutely love that.

She got distracted by a coughing Madam Rosmerta, and got a little irritated. She sighed, and took a little bit of her cider. Where the hell did she come from? A quick look at her fingers made her lift her bows once again, and sigh even deeper than before. She hided her hand, and started to think again, but never made it very far, before ...

"Merlins panties, Alrena, is that you? God, it's been a while!" and there she was. Of course. The worst of the worst. Mathrix. Lord, Alrena wouldn't ask before she threw Doloroso over that girl.

"You are distracting me," she said with one of the coldest voices you could ever imagine. That might've frightened her a little, furthermore she didn't go closer. In fact, she passed, and just nervously walked away. That made her smile a bit. 

"Goodbye, Mathrix."

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