Hvad der lige falder mig ind.

Dette er IKKE en bestemt historie. Her skriver jeg måske bare noget der falder mig ind, deler links eller sådan noget..


5. I do {{English}}


Starring: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and much more.


Louis & Harry talking on the phone.

Harry: Hey BooBear. 

Louis: Hey Harold.

Harry: So.. What are you doing to night?

Louis: Going out with..

Harry: Oh. 

Louis: I’m sorry.

Harry: Oh, that’s okay..

Louis: I promise it’s over soon.

Harry: Yeah. You said that after 3 months with her..

Louis: …

Harry: I’m just going to Selly and Dem’s house then.

Louis: Why!

Harry: Because you are doing something with Eleanor to night then I have nothing to do.

Louis: What about Zayn?

Harry: On date with Perrie.

Louis: Liam?

Harry: In Sweden with Danielle.

Louis: Uhm.. Niall?

Harry: At Miley’s house.

Louis: Okay.. 

Harry: Cya BooBear. I love you.

Louis: I love you to babe.

Harry: *hanging up*

At Selena’s

Harry walking up to the door. Harry are about to knock on the door but Selena comes out.

”Oh, hey Harry!” Says Selena to Harry. ”Hey.. Where are you going?” 

”Justin asked me to come over. I’m so in love with him!” 

”Oh.. Okay. Are Demi home?” Asked Harry her.

”Yes. But watch out. She is mad!” Answered Selena and walked to her car.

Harry walks in to Demi.


”But..” Said Harry. ”NO! COME!” Yelled Demi and took Harry in his shirt and walked angry out to her car.

”I’m driving sweety. Okay?” Said Harry and looked at her.

”OKAY!” Yelled Demi.

After a few minutes

”Welcome Harry! To the perfect bar!” Said Demi proud and walked up to it.

”What are we doing here?” Asked Harry nervous and looked around for paps.

”DRUUUNK NOW!” Yelled Demi and where on her way in.

”I’m going to pick you up at 3 am okay?” Said Harry and where on his way to the car.

”OKAAAY!” Yelled Demi back and walked in to the bar.

”Hey Harry!” Yelled a girl who sounded like Miley to Harry who was on his way to the car.

”Hey.. Miley?” Answered Harry.

”Hey! How did you knew it was me?” Asked Miley and walked fast over to Harry.

”I could hear it on your voice.” Answered Harry.

”Uhm. Okay. Can I ask you something?” Asked Miley, Harry.

”Yeah.” Answered Harry and looked around.

”Are you and Louis in love?” 

”Uhm.. I am in him. But Miley, I gotta go.. Can we text?” Asked Harry.

”Yeah! Bye.” Said Miley and walked over to the club/bar.

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