A Harry Styles Love Story (On Hold)

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  • Publiceret: 4 jun. 2012
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A Harry Styles Love Story

Jeg og mine to veninder Line og Trine tager til Tyskland for en One Directione koncert hvor min grandonkel arbejder.
Takket være min grandonkel for vi lov til at Møde One Direction bagstage efter koncerten. Line og jeg havde besluttet at flytte til London og bliver meget gode venner med drengene.
Men hvad vil der ske efter Line og jeg er flyttet til London?
Hvad ville der ske mellem Harry og jeg?

Læs og find ud af det!

Den er skrevet på Dansk og Engelsk

P.S håber I kan lide den <3


6. Kapitel 6

Harry’s POV

I can’t stop thinking about what Sara and Line told me and Niall. They told us that they have thoughts about moving to London this summer, maybe if I knew Sara better; I think that I wanna ask her out on a date. But what if Sara doesn’t like me more as a friend. Then I’ll destroy a really good friendship I have with her, but then I told her my feelings for her. I don’t know what to do. I must have been thinking so much that I didn’t hear Louis came in my room “are you okay Pumpkin?” “Huh? Oh yeah I’m okay” I said, “really? Cause you have your thinking face on” he said and sad down on my bed “Thinking about Sara aren’t we Pumpkin?” “Stop Louis, it’s not fun” “ohh you like her don’t you?” “I do but I don’t wanna destroy my friendship I have with her” Now when I think about her I think about do she have Twitter? I took my phone out and text her

Me: Hello beautiful, do you have twitter?

Beautiful <3: I do, why?

Me: Umm can I have it?

Beautiful <3: umm sure but it’s embarrassing

Me: I’m sure it’s not  ;-)

Beautiful <3: It’s DK_Sara_Styles happy?

Me: Yes I am and it’s a cute name, like it <3

Beautiful <3: Haha your flirt ;-)

Me: Thanks and you know it ;-)


After I send the last text to her I log on twitter and find her profile with a photo of me and her, I pressed the follow button with a smile on my lips. I didn’t know that Louis was still there and looking at me with a big smile and Said “wow you do really like her” “I do but I don’t know if I should tell her or shouldn't”.

“The only thing I can say to that is ‘follow your heart’ because I’ve never seen you so much in love with a girl before” I was shocked that Louis said that because he’s never like that he’s more like a immature but he kan be mature often. “Thanks Louis” said “you’re welcome Pumpkin” then he walk out of my room.  After a couple of minutes of just lying here on my bed thinking, I will ask Sara out when she is moved to London with Line to summer no matter what I walked down to join they guys in the kitchen , “now you like to join in?” asked Zayn playful “Haha vary funny Zayn vary funny”. After I got some food I walked in the living room to watch some TV because I was bored my ass of right now, I've been through all channels and there was nothing to see. I was so bored that I text Sara.

Sara have a nickname and it’s Beautiful <3


Me: Help me!!!!

Beautiful <3: What now?

Me: I’m bored!

Beautiful <3: what can I help you with?

Me: Entertain me

Beautiful <3: with what?

Me: I don’t know something

Beautiful <3: I don’t know what I can entertain you with

Me: just something

Beautiful <3:  you are weird you know right?

Me: but that why you love me ;-)

 Beautiful <3:  Oh really?

Me: Yes really

Beautiful <3:  Who said I love you ;-)


Beautiful <3:  Haha you are definitely weird but yes that why I love you:-P

Me: Why thank you beautiful <3

Beautiful <3:  You welcome Harold:-P

Me: Why thank you for calling me beautiful:-D

Beautiful <3:  Ups didn’t mean to call you beautiful:-P

Me: Aww that hurt :’(

Beautiful <3:  Sorry didn’t mean’t to hurt your feeling Hazza

Me: got you Haha

Beautiful <3:  that was mean done Hazza

Me: Sorry sweetheart L

Beautiful <3:  its okay Hazza


I looked at det clock and it was 01:00 in the morning

We have must have really good time texting each other then if we could spend so many hours just texting


Me: Well I gotta go to bed because it’s 01:00 in the morning

Beautiful <3:  yeah det same here night Hazza <3

Me: Night beautiful <3


Then I walked up to my room and then took my clothes of then to bed and dreamed of Sara and I.

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