A Harry Styles Love Story (On Hold)

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  • Publiceret: 4 jun. 2012
  • Opdateret: 20 maj 2013
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A Harry Styles Love Story

Jeg og mine to veninder Line og Trine tager til Tyskland for en One Directione koncert hvor min grandonkel arbejder.
Takket være min grandonkel for vi lov til at Møde One Direction bagstage efter koncerten. Line og jeg havde besluttet at flytte til London og bliver meget gode venner med drengene.
Men hvad vil der ske efter Line og jeg er flyttet til London?
Hvad ville der ske mellem Harry og jeg?

Læs og find ud af det!

Den er skrevet på Dansk og Engelsk

P.S håber I kan lide den <3


4. Kapitel 4

Harry’s POV

Sara and I have been SMS much since the girls took home yesterday. I can’t stop thinking about Sara and how beautiful she looks without make-up on; she has told that it is rare that she wears make-up and that she never had a boyfriend. Niall have been talking about Line, I think that Niall have a crush on her. My thoughts were interrupted by Niall and Louis came running in and throw them self on top me that is still texting with Sara “Who are you texting with love?” asked Louis or as I call him BooBear as I was about to tell him that was Sara I was talking to said Niall “Harry has been texting with Sara nonstop” “are you cheated on me?” asked BooBear with fake crying “No BooBear you know that I would never cheat on you, because you are mine” “good cause you are mine and just mine and I would never let you go” and then Niall began to sing Justin Biebers ‘boyfriend’. After we have been talking, Niall run to the kitchen for his food, Liam was now with Danielle, Zayn was on the phone with Trine that was with Sara and Line when we met them here in Germany. And now was that just Louis and I that was in the living room, I could not stop thinking about Sara and everytime I think about her I smile. I think Louis saw it because he asked me “are you thinking about Sara again?” “again?” I asked “yes again because everytime you talked with her yesterday, you smiled” Louis said with a smile on his lips “You must really like her since you laughed and smiled so yesterday” “yeah I do kinda like, like her, she’s sweet, down to the earth, funny, Lovely” “AND CARING” shouted Niall from the kitchen “How do you know that Niall cause you have been talking with Line all day yesterday” asked Louis and I just sat here like a question mark and thought ‘Yeah how does he know it?’ “Don’t you not remember after we have been talking, Line was not there, Sara and I was out looking for her” said Niall who stood in doorway to the living room. “Ohh yeah that right, is Line okay now?” I asked. “I don’t know because I haven’t been talking with her since yesterday” said Niall who is now looking down at the ground, “I can ask Sara if Line is okay if you like Niall?” “Really? You would do that for me?” “of course I would do that for you Niall” I said and Niall smile a really big smile at me. I stood up from the couch and left the room and into my hotel room, I took my phone out of my back pocket and finde Sara phone number. “Hello det er Sara” Sara said In Danish and I have no clue she said “Umm Hey Sara”“Ohh Hello Harry, Why are you calling?” she asked “I should ask from Niall that is Line okay?” “Yeah she’s better than yesterday” “What is wrong with her yesterday?” “ I don’t know if I Should tell you that” “Come on Sara, you can trust me and you know that Sara” I Said “Okay I will tell you but wait a second, I gonna find a place where there is no one is around and definitely not Line” she said. After she found a room that no one is around “Okay here it is: After what she saw with Louis, a picture she showed me she was so upset because she felt not she was not good enough to talk with you guys and there were so many pretty girls who deserve it much more than her” “she really felt that?” I ask shocked “Yes she did but I have been talking to her yesterday after we came home and she is okay now” “It’s good cause Niall was  sad and didn’t know if she was” “But you can tell Niall she is okay but have Line been talking with Niall about that?” Sara asked “no she haven’t that’s why I called you” “Ohh okay I gotta go cause Line is asking if I can have a girl time with her” “okay I wanna let you go, bye beautiful” “bye Harry” and I let my phone back in my pocket and walk back in the living room “so did you talk with Sara” asked Niall while he stood up from the couch “yes I did” and I told what Sara told me “she really said that?” Niall and Louis Said on the same time “yes she did” “wow I had never thought that” “but you know that girls are insecure” Louis said and it’s make me think that ‘Is Sara insecure to?’.

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