You don't need me like I need you

A short story of how you broke my perfectly good heart.


1. Perfectly good heart

You'll never love me.

It started out in sixth grade. I just started at a new school again, and it wasn't going to good. Texts where going around about how ugly I was, and I suppose I was. I mean, big black eyebrows and ginger hair. The whole grade got sent to a camp. That's the first time I saw you. You actually consumed me right away. I was intrigued by you. But you had a girlfriend, infact, one of the only girls that had been nice to me, her best friend. And I guess I just decided it didn't matter. I just walked around and had a crush on you. The next year pretty much continued this way.

By eighth grade I had changed. By face fit better together, and my hair was black now. I still had this crush on you. We started writing together all the time. You broke up with your new girlfriend, she was horrible. And I talked you through it. You asked me how big the chance was that we could get together. I thought you'd fallen for me. I said 75-80%. The next day you got back together with your girlfriend out of sympathy, she had overdosed. We stopped talking. About a month later the inevitable came, you two broke up. I was thrilled, maybe, you would finally see we belonged together.

We started texting again. I found out you liked Billy Idol. That made me fall even more for you. I started hanging out with your crowd. The ''bad crowd'' . We talked all the time,  and this time I honestly thought I had you. I swear, you had me. I made my friend ask you if you liked me. You didn't. not like that anyways.

I cried, cried and then cried some more. I wrote blog posts, sad stories, cried even more and ate a lot of food. Now i'm sitting here, writing a story about how us. But there never was an us was there? I just don't understand why you would lead me on? why would you want to break a perfectly good heart ? Cause let's face it, I can't steal you like you stole me.

Alex, you'll never love me.


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