Dear Diary

Lara flytter fra sin hjemby helt ud på landet, som er langt fra alting. Midt i det hele dukker huset op, hvor der ligger en morder på skjul omkring. Et mord er sket inde i huset, og hendes far undersøger huset med hans kolleger, og Lara bliver selvfølgelig også nysgerrig. Da hun finder dagbogen, begynder hun at læse...


1. Prolog

"Come on. Turn around and look at yourself."

I could not look into the mirror without gasping. My dress was made of silk and velvet, filled with embroideries and even more beautiful than my mothers wedding dress was. My hair was curly and hang down my shoulders. A white rose was in the right side, and filled the most of my hair.

I was sure, that Charles would think, I was beautiful. The thought of it makes me warm inside, that there is someone who looks at me the same way, as I look at him. But my heart says an other thing: What about Gidaric? Why do my parents always say, that I cannot marry him? Maybe he is not a prince, but he is worth loving!

"Do you like it?" Luna said. I could not get a word on my lips. No words could describe, how I looked like. My heart was pumping hard in my breast, I  could almost not breathe. 

"I take that as a yes!" she said happily. When she left the room, I sunk down on my bed. It all felt like a new kind of hell, and only me could let us out. My situation is still hopeless, and there is no one who wants to help me getting out of it! No one, no one wants to. And now the big question: Who am I going to save? Gidaric, because I love him, or Charles, because of his money?


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