#imagine One Direction

Nogle imagines om One Direction :) Hvis du ikke ved hvad det er... Så læs nogle af dem.
De fleste af dem er på engelsk :)


1. Kapitel 1.


#imagine your son: "mommy who was your idols when you was at my age?" You: "One Direction" Son: "really !?!?!? Was dad's band your idols ?"


#imagine Louis; " i'm Louis "


You : " i know" Louis: " i'm 20 " You : " i know Louis: " i am a boy " You : " i know Louis : " i love you" You : " i kno - what ?

#imagine Liam: " what did you buy ?"

You: " make up *he gave you the look* You: " whaaat ? " Liam: " stop spending money on that, you don't need it. You're beautiful without it"


#imagine lying on the sofa with Harry watching a film together, you get bored and start throwing popcorn at each other

#imagine Zayn always beside you, when you afraid he`ll hold your hand and says. "believe me, everything`s gonna be alright"

#imagine Harry :" i could forget maths, geography, lyrics or my own name. But you, i will never forget"

#imagine Liam and u walking outside in the rain, he stops, looks at u and says. " babe, i wish i could describe  how gorgeous u are <3 "

#imagine U&Niall is eating icecream. u: Niall, u got some icecream on your lips. *u kiss him*. Then he puts icecream on his whole face <3

#imagine you`re at a 1D cd signing and you approach Harry to get his autograph.

He thinks you aren`t  listening or taking notice of him so he turns to Louis, points to you and says; "She`s a ten" <3


#imagine waking up from a soft sound. You listen more closely and you hear it is singing. You step out of your bed and softly you walk towards the sound. You open a door and when you see where the sound came from you start the smile. You see Niall sitting on a chair and softly rocking Nine in his arms. He`s so focused on singing her to sleep taht he doesn`t even notice you. You just keep on standing there in the doorway admiring the most adorable thing ever. After a while Niall carefully gets up and puts Nine into her bed. He tucks her in and when he turns around he sees you. He smiles and walks towards you; "I´m sorry i woke you." " It´s okay". "Did you recognise the song ?" Niall asks and you nod. It was the song he dedicated to you on the first date. " I love you too", and he puts his arms around you and he pulls you close to his chest. And for a while you just stand there, together looking at your wonderful babygirl sleeping. However then Niall takes your hand and whispers; " come let`s go back to bed babe"


# imagine you give Harry a cat for Christmas. He cries happy tears and kiss you every 5 minute for hours just to show how thankful hes is.

#imagine getting into a fight with Harry and you tell him to go slepp on teh couch. You walk downstairs at 1am beacause you can`t sleep, so you get a glass of water. As you`re walking past the living room you hear Harry softly singing "Chasing Cars" You decide that you can`t saty mad at him any longer and you both fall asleep in each other´s arms on the couch.

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