Korte engelske og danske digte om sult og mæthed. Skønhed og perfektion. Anoreksi og bulimi. Digte om spiseforstyrrelser.


1. Hunger

Don't let it get you

Don't let it control you

It whispers in your head

and it controls your thoughts


shut it out


Don't feed the monster

that so pleadingly begs to be fed

It wont stop if you give in once

It wont rest untill it has filled you with evil

Untill it has marred your body

with that which makes it sick

That which makes it swollen

and too heavy for the scale to measure


Fight this voice that drags you down

and live through the pain

Embrace the emptiness

and feel the lightness of resistance

Close your eyes and sense how close you are to flying


Dont give up untill you take off

Don't cry, simply stand in the rain

'Cause when the last drop falls

there will be beauty from pain

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