Kia og mig ... igen ... lol


1. Nemlig

voices in my head Wispering bad things to me, day and night too powerfull to ignore I'm decoy of the voices am i that sick? am I that evil? I must obey Please stop me Please kill me - its them or me Kill me, burn me, cut my head off Im tormented, but I know the consequences Help me, hear me, please, please This cannot go on - im going crazy I lose control, I lose myself am i still me, or have they taken over? I can't take a maybe, for an answer Help me out, or be damned I'm only begging, because I can escape Look out, Hell awaits The heaven will fall, hear me All the things you take for granted, will have an end the world as we know The world will die, the voices told me It’s not a trick, it’s not a funny film The world cannot hear my voice, it'll end in chaos If you hear me, then... run! If you dont.. I guess you know. A warning from me, to you And now, please leave me. Im already dying - I've served my purpose Time is all we have left, where are my drugs? Call me a crackhead, its your life you're playing with the voice is telling me to kill you I've already told you to much, and now you're a part of this Hear the voices, take them, be one with us Accept that everything is not as it seems… Black and with does not exist And if you ran away, I will stand here and wink goodbye, Cause thats what i do Welcome to my happy ending a nightmare for you, maybe, i dont care We are all gonna die So injoy your ride, while you can The rose die, 007 die, and you die. This is my vision, this is the truth The end  

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