Justin Bieber.

En lille tekst om Justin.


1. Justin.

One day Justin will stop singing. Someday when I'll have children and grandchildren, my grandchildren will read the news and they will say 'Granny, Justin Bieber died. Who is he?' Then I'm gonna go to my room and look at my stuff, CDs and tears will begin to flow from my eyes. I'll look at thousands of magazines, his pictures and posters. I'll watch his videos and read his book. I'll remember the ...day when I first heard One Time. I'll remember my blog that I used to run that was dedicated only to him. I'll remember all the great people that I met on the internet only thanks to Justin. I'll remember all the fights I had with haters. I will remember Jazmyn, Pattie, Jeremy, Jaxon, Ryan, Scooter. I'll remember the first time when I watched Never Say Never and his videos. I felt so close to him. Pride, passion, love, all his learning. So many memories, so many dreams, so many emotions will come to me while tears are falling from my eyes. I'll remember that Justin Bieber loved me. I'll remember every sentence, all his mistakes. Then my grandchildren will come and they'll ask what happened. I'll smile and tell them: "This boy was the first boy I ever loved. He taught me that dreams come true if you only keep dreaming. He taught me to help people in need, he taught me that all of us are beautiful. How much it hurts me, I'm happy because that man is in heaven and for the first time he is around the angels, like he is." I will look through the window and say "Good bye Justin. I will always love you and I will never, ever forget you."

- 'YouDaOne// Maria.

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