Mine egne små tekster

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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2011
  • Opdateret: 12 mar. 2017
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Her vil jeg skrive mine små tekster. Digte, tanker eller små historier jeg alligevel aldrig for skrevet færdige. Det er underholdende, at se, hvordan min skrivestil har forandret sig gennem de seneste 4 år.

Underligt nok, er dette, dét, jeg er mest stolt af. Måske fordi, det er skrevet med føleleser og ikke hastværk?


225. it's hard to make people leave your mind


Sometimes the sun is up

and I want to light candles

and hide behind my screen


and I want to turn off the lights

so that the darkness enters

and consumes every remaining bit of day

but maybe it's also a little bit because

you used to tell me to turn off the lights

when it got dark

otherwise I'd have a room filled with bugs

by the time I went to bed


and I don't really like bugs


and I love plants

so I have the entirety of my windowsill filled

with cactuses and small trees

and I like to water them

so they'll grow beautiful and happy

but maybe also a little bit because

you always used to tell me to water them


because I'd always seem to forget


and I like to draw flowers because

nature is slowly dying and I think it's

important to appreciate the beauty of

Mother Earth before it's too late

but it might also be because

we were once drawing together and you

told me I was really good

and asked me if I could draw

your mom a flower for her birthday

and I said no because I didn't think I drew pretty

flowers and I just want to not feel the

need to say no if there ever is a next time


and you have found sneaky little ways to

be a part of my life without even being present

and even if everything we had is dead

it is still alive in my fingertips when they

go through the tangles in my hair

and it is still alive in my lips when I

smile because once you were the reason


and I am still having hangovers from your love

and I am still laughing at your poor jokes

and I am still trying to prove myself worthy of your attention


I deleted your number

I deleted you from my life

so why can't I seem to delete you from my mind?

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