Years Apart

This is a story about a girl and a boy, but mostly about a girl and what life has saved for her.

Follow her make her way through life.


1. The Garden

This is a story about a girl who found her true love just to lose sight of it again …


Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived a wealthy life in a big white house with a big colorful garden. Her name was Scarlett. Scarlett was an only child and therefore a very lonely child. But she found her place where she could feel at ease and that place was her garden. She loved her garden very much. Her biggest joy was to see how each season shaped and rearranged the garden into different worlds. Secret worlds which only she knew of.


But one day she found another human being in her garden. It was a boy. She felt anger towards this stranger who had disturbed her peaceful paradise. And so she walked straight at him, grabbed a branch and pointed it against him. “Who are you?” she asked with a frown, “and what are you doing in MY garden?” The boy, who had kneeled in front of a small frog, stood up and looked straight at her and pinched his water blue eyes together. “YOUR garden? I believe this is my father’s garden. He has taken care of this garden for years now and knows all of its secrets. From the biggest tree to the smallest blade of grass.” He told her with both proud and anger in his voice. “Oh really?” she said with a smirk. Then she bended down and plucked one blade of grass and held it up. “What about this one? Will he know it has been removed?” she asked and laughed. The boys eyes grew darker. “You really shouldn’t have done that.” He said in a low voice. Then he picked up another branch and swung it against her. She yelled out and lifted her own branch to defend herself. They kept fighting like that, until the fight was forgotten and it became a game. And with that, they became friends.

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