Music is my world


1. Music make me feel speciel

Music is everything to me.
when i am singing i just dream my self into a whole new world, were everything is the way it is.
were you can be crazy whithout actually being crazy because cray dosen´t eksist in this kind of new world.

I can sing about what ever i wanna sing about, no one can tell me what i can sing about or what i can´t sing about, because singing is not something you do which one should be allowed to do it´s just because you have something to say you can´t say any other way.

Music can be used in many kind of ways, anger, happiness, sadness it can be used in any kind of way. use it the way you wanna use it.

Music have to be something you do for youself don´t do it because someone told you to.
Do it for you.

I will allways do it for my self. not for anyone else.
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