A Brief History

Skrevet af Lotte den Ukendte. Der er kun det ene kapitel....


1. A Brief History

At the end of the corridor, that is filled with the long cabinets that once were green, is a door. The door leads into a large cafeteria, where round tables are divided into cliques – the nerds, the jocks, the plastics, the popular - where he sits. He sits and looks at her, the beautiful girl, the incredibly beautiful girl. Her he is deadly in love with but can’t be seen with, in addition to their secret meetings - because of his popularity. It would ruin his reputation if he was seen with her.

He gets up and leaves the canteen, stops in the doorway out to the hallway that is filled with a resounding noise of shoes scraping against the floor, as fingernails run down a blackboard and people who talks loudly about this year's Homecoming Dance for the oldest pupils. He would gladly have the chance to enjoy just one dance with her. But people would see them together. He thinks that maybe he should just leave it there, and stop thinking about what might would happen to his reputation. That reputation who took him years to build. He shakes his head and moves further out into the crowd, where he gradually disappears.

He drinks the last of his blue drink, which doesn't really tastes well - It has a strange taste, but he drinks it nonetheless. He studies the people dancing on the dance floor. He notes the large banner that hangs on the wall above the entrance to the hall. "Senior Homecoming Dance". He thinks that he'd been nominated for King, but he doesn’t care. The only thing that fills his mind right now is her.

She pushes the door open and walks slowly into the hall, which by now is filled with the scent of sweat and perfume. She stops and looks nervously around. Sees him, and immediately a smile is planted on her pretty face. He senses that his feet start to move, he thinks it is wrong what he is going to do - but it feels so damn right. She makes a nervous face forward again as he stands in front of her. He ignores the curious glances from all the students who now are following what happens. He looks deep into her ocean blue eyes, which remind him of the sea, something that he could watch for hours. He stroked one of her curly red locks and away from her face. She gasps and recoils back. "Want to dance?" He's not hearing that she answers, but pushes her anyway onto the dance floor, as he weaves his fingers into hers.


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