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    I can’t sleep at all cause of some things in my life is and was a wreck. My Anxiety is going up ever since a few months back and i am tired of some certain person that i know that wants to ruin people life like mine. I am sick of High School Drama, and certain person that i know needs to grow up and have a life. If anyone wants to know, ask me cause i am tired pf this is stuck into my chest for years. Sometimes that i feel like that i am done with life and sometimes that it the opposite of that. I have a eating disorder since i was 4 cause how i been treated when i was little. Depression and anxiety came from my age between 8-10 years old. PTSD came from my high school life that i became Anti-Social. also from my Panic Attacks. I don’t want to talk about my other thing that happened to me a couple years ago cause it pains me. I am done with Certain things of life. I need support in my life that i can’t handle anymore and sometimes that i dislike myself for it. the past wants to haunt me forever. dreams that i had is about my past and it hurts badly. it hard to tell someone and sometimes that i want to go in a dark hole. I am a broken soul that is hard to fix. i only need one person and it my man that i love.

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    I don't know if I have this. it fine
    4 months ago
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    I'm sorry you had to go through that.
    4 months ago