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    I managed to finish writing a novel earlier this year, however since then all other attempts to start and finish writing novels have all but failed. I'm legitimately worried that I won't be able to write another novel again! Anyone have any suggestions to get me out of this problem? :(
    Katie Pharoah
    1 years ago
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    You will write a novel again, you just have to keep trying.
    When I'm stuck I try to write something, if its a word or a paragraph, that may be related to either the story or something else entirely. When I come back to these somethings I usually find that I can add more to them, even if its a small addition.
    And if all else fails me then competitiveness usually gets me going which is why Nano is a big help.
    You'll get there :)
    Lily Anna
    1 years ago
    I just finished a novel myself and although I have so many new ideas for new novels it does feel like a big feat to try and write another whole one. Basically, I'm just trying to write whatever I feel like at the moment, even if they're short random chapters or completely different ideas. I'll probably still do this until I find something which I can really commit to. Then I'll probably plan it out more and try to complete something.

    It might take a little time but it might be good to explore little ideas, find the next thing you really want to write or are excited about. :) If you're one of these people who likes to plan everything maybe just start by writing a small plan or something which you can follow. A few main points you want to happen in your book.
    You could even start writing bits which you're excited about even if that's not the order they go in. You don't always have to start writing the start at the start. You can always fit in the beginning, around whatever else you write and move things around.
    I'm sure you'll be able to do it soon! It does take time but you can do it :)
    Ray Lidstone
    1 years ago
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    Write what you’d like to read. If you’re trying to write a romance novel but wouldn’t read romance in a million years, than you’re not going to finish it.
    And if there’s any part of your plots that you don’t like, change them. Write a novel that if you saw ignore on a shelter in a bookstore, you would think ‘this is incredible, this has such a wonderful plot!’
    That’s just my hit of advice, I hope it helped :)