Mumble Diskussioner: Really?

  • H.T.K.

    mumbled "Really?"

    1 years agoSvar
    I've been watching a lot of Gotham and I think it's rubbing off on me.
    I love Edward and Oswald to death.
    But right now I'm limping because my stomach and leg aren't wanting to work and people are calling me the drunk penguin.
    I feel like I'm dying...
    1 years ago
    i'm sorry.
    1 years ago
    omg same with Gotham! I'm just frantically waiting for season 4 to get on Netflix. and Ed and Ozzy are so funny.
    1 years ago
    I dressed in a suit and put on some makeup to make myself look like Ozzy.
    But I switched it up and now I'm wearing a green suit to look like Ed.
    My friends are so confused.
    1 years ago