Mumble Diskussioner: Chapter 8 - Under the Moon

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    mumbled "Chapter 8 - Under the Moon"

    11 months agoSvar

    Wow. just wow. I had not - at all - thought I would be done with chapter 8 today...

    But yes, I am indeed finished with chapter 8. So be a darling and read and give a bit of feedback? That would make my day!

    “What about your family?” Blake tried to steer this into safer water. Tried being the keyword here. Least to say, he failed splendidly. Ember could feel the tension, and with the new question she almost flinched.

    She wetted her lips. “Maybe we should just talk about something else…” she tried. And failed.

    “Ember, tell me… please.” She almost, almost, scowled at him then. The she sighed, scratched her neck and told him.

    “They’re dead.”

    Bum bum, yep. I hope you enjoy!

    Under the MoonSoul names. The most valuable to a werewolf's person. The hidden name that is interlocked with the very being of one's self. It is this very name that...