Mumble Diskussioner: "Doing Everything You Can"

  • Ninja Togepi

    mumbled ""Doing Everything You Can""

    1 years agoSvar

    I think about this a lot, in regards to stories in general. In my opinion, there is nothing more mortifying than doing everything that is physically possible and more, and then finding that it was all in vain. You feel helpless, guilty, scared, confused, angry, and like a complete idiot. One common trait of all humanity: we all want to be in control. The one with the upper hand, like the queen in a game of chess. So to be placed in such a scenario that you're nothing more than a disposable pawn, it's humiliating. And, if your inabilities result in the persecution of others, you feel as if you're the one to blame, and the only thing that can remove the shame is time, if ever. Yet with time it can grow and entangle and smother. Is there a worse feeling than such horrible lifelong guilt?
    I dunno. I would love to discuss this, whether or not you agree. Thoughts anyone?