• Bob 13

    mumbled "Ticking me off. (not really, just bored back here)"

    1 years agoSvar
    Okay, I just got here I am as new as newborn babe that got catapulted over the moon where it landed among the family group of some Gorillas that decided to name me Mowgli.

    Don't worry about the description it is just how I am when I am ticked. No, wait- I am more than ticked! I am absolutely horrified/pissed.

    There are different levels of ticked off:
    Level One: Smile while you self-destruct to save you the trouble.
    Level Two: You are able to pull out a hammer from a non-existent portal somewhere out of your own @$$hole.
    Level three: is where you have golden hair, for reasons
    Level four: Flopping your head onto any desk/table available.

    Guess which level I am on.

    So, the reason for this mumble is that I have noticed the fact that many stories in fanfiction for gaming are not that really broad so to speak. My eye was blinded by the amount of undertale and Fnaf.
    Don't get me wrong, I love these two games, nix Legend of Zelda, but why can there be more othe gaming fanfic? I know these two have awesome gameplay, interesting lore, and memorable characters, but there's gotta be more to it right?
    I know fanfic is only meant for the fan but it could be more than that! Ack, never mind, who am I to tell people what to do. I'm just here to vent.