Mumble Diskussioner: I don't know

  • _wanderlust_

    mumbled "I don't know"

    2 years agoSvar
    There was always this feeling inside of myself, something that was different, but yet it felt like something so normal. Sometimes when I would be outside looking at the stars that were shining so brightly in the dark night sky, I would always wish I could just floating into the nothingness behind them. But what if there wasn nothingness behind them what is there was everything behind them. There could be so much out there, that we can see and yet it is so far away, just out of our reach. I could never help, but feel this way. At night my mind would wander and it wouldn’t let me sleep. There are so many things that fill into my head and i can't help but think about everything that is going on in this-this messy messy world. Everything that happened to me. All the demons that roam my twisted mind. Everybody looks at me and see the normal girl walking down the halls to her next class. If they knew. I wonder what they would think about the real me. I wish I could tell my friends everything i've been through, but I can´t it would be way to hard on them and on me. One day maybe in the far future I will be able to tell someone, maybe.
    But for now I will just keep whispering all my secrets to the stars.
    2 years ago
    i hope you find someone, good luck...also is it bad if i ignore the voices?