Mumble Diskussioner: bullying is evereywere....:(

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    mumbled "bullying is evereywere....:("

    4 years agoSvar
    I have to do this for a class so here it is STOP BULLYING!!!!!!! I DON'T GIVE A CRAP IF YOU DO IT TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER!!!! All that I am saying is that you NEED to stop this. Please for the sake of my sanity, STOP BULLYING!!!!! For anyone who responds thanks :")
    4 years ago
    Don't be a bully, If you are a bully, I HATE YOU.............AND I TELL YOU STOP BEING A BULLY!!!!!!
    4 years ago
    yeah, doing projects about about bully-stopping, I agree...but it doesn't, so why do it?
    Fairytale ;)
    4 years ago
    i did not want to but i had to so i did, and also i think that we should at least try a little harder. I mean i was bullyed when i was younger for hanging out with one of my friends, and now Some of my family has had bullying. Oh and thanks for the comment, you seem like a very nice and good person :)